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White Rock Panels in a Stunning Chef's Kitchen in Suburban Virginia

A couple years ago we got the opportunity to supply white rock panels to this project about 30 miles outside of Washington, DC in suburban Virginia. Working directly with an engaged homeowner, we weren’t quite sure how stunning this combination backsplash, two sided fireplace and family room accent wall project was going to be until we saw photos of it and were blown away. Let’s take a look at how the white quartz rock stacked stone rock panels are subtly used throughout this high end space and how along with the stone, the other high end finishes come together to create a magazine worthy profile.

This project precipitated out of a kitchen remodel and the search for a unique natural stone backsplash material. One of the unique things about this project ends up being the backsplash as the homeowners have decided to take the stacked stone tile all the way form the countertop to the ceiling, including the space above the upper cabinets. This creates a consistent look since the entire wall space is one material, texture, and color, and is also beautifully highlighted by LED lighting, aimed down from the lower cabinets and up from the upper cabinets, as well as down from the ceiling. A great design never overlooks lighting, especially on a backsplash, as the spaces can get dark from the natural shadow effect of the upper cabinets.

White Stacked Stone Backsplash in Virginia

The other design element thoughtfully tied to the backsplash height is the beautiful stainless steel range hood. Unique in its positioning in the center of the room over the island range, this well proportioned hood naturally draws the eyes up making it important to design the entire wall, including the oft neglected space between the upper cabinets and ceiling. Completed a handful of years ago, this project was also one of the first projects we saw boldly mix up cabinet colors and counter top types between the wall and island, something now more prevalent in upscale kitchen design.

White Stacked Stone Fireplace Kitchen

Our favorite part of this space is the two sided fireplace, separating the kitchen and more formal living room. Choosing to keep the fireplace as part of the renovation, the white stacked stone veneer became a logical option for this feature and helps keep the materials consistent across the space. Two sided fireplaces are installations where Norstone Rock Panels really shine, especially when our industry leading corner units are involved like in this example, creating a seamless look at and around the outside corners.

White Stacked Stone Firepace Living Room

The view of the white stacked stone fireplace from the living room is particularly well thought out with the white stone backsplash showing up in the background creating a layered effect of textures throughout the space. In what could have been just a regular load bearing wall, this two sided fireplace does a great job serving as the focal point of the formal living room and a really unique feature for a kitchen.

White Stacked Stone Accent Wall in Virginia

The real surprise of this project comes on the opposite side of the kitchen, where a casual family room gets a big upgrade with the stacked stone feature wall. We love the geometry and symmetry of this well, with the two square windows and flanking the low profile television stand , all backed up by the clean lines and texture of the white stone veneer accent wall. With sightlines including the two big walls of the kitchen backsplash, this feature wall completes a unified theme among the three rooms featured in this project.

This project is a great example of how a common design theme or element, whether its stacked stone or any other finish or color, can be thoughtfully used in various applications and spaces to create amazing spaces. If you’re stuck on how to get started with your next stacked stone project our entire customer support team has both formal and on the job design experience, so take some photos and give us a call and we’ll get started. Until then, continue to check back with our blog for more project features and interesting and informative articles on the world of stacked stone and natural stone tile.

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