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Norstone White Rock Panels on Matrix Hotel in Canada

This week’s featured project is the hotel lobby fireplace in the Matrix Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. This was a project we had the privilege of working on many years ago but it still holds up to this day in terms of uniqueness of design and the “wow” factor of the space. Featuring our Standard Series White Rock Panels, which have always been a favorite of designers looking for that perfect wall texture in a modern design, this highly calibrated product offers a unique clean line geometric look that would be impossible to replicate with hand stacked stone. That, combined with the purity of our white stone, which is is unmatched in the stone veneer industry, makes this project something special!

Two Story White Stone Veneer Fireplace in Alberta Canada

One thing I love about this pulled out shot of the fireplace is how it shows all the modern design elements coming together in the space. The floor to ceiling glass windows in the corner bring in great light and complement the cool and clean aesthetic of the white stone. The mutli panel, multi size ceiling is an overlooked detail but shows that no detail was overlooked in this design. Finally, the swirl pattern carpet serves as an amazing contrast to the stacked stone and all the other clean design lines in the space.

Cantilever Fireplace in Hotel Lobby with White Stone Veneer

Focusing in on the fireplace itself, the cantilever insert which allows the fireplace glass to turn the outside corner is a subtle yet very cool detail not to be missed. The veneer nature of the stone panels, which results in the product only weighing about 12-13 lbs per square foot, makes installations and details like this possible with such a tall installation. Traditional mortared in stone or even brick wouldn’t be possible with this type of cantilever design due to higher weight loads or the need to set the brick / stone on a footer and not rely instead of direct adhesion of the panel to the wall. This installation predates the roll out of our unique finger jointed corner unit, but as you can see, miter cutting the corners does offer a clean sharp look to the outside corner.

Modern White Fireplace with designer furniture in hotel lobby

We’ve talked before about how furniture can complement a stone veneer installation, and this photo offers a great look at exactly how that can be done in an impressive way. The overall modern design theme of this space is dominated by the multi story white stone fireplace, and the design team has selected color coordinating low and sleek furniture to back that theme up. The square shapes of the table, lounge, and chairs work with the geometry of the stone installation and are low to the ground to not block the look of the fireplace as the centerpiece of the room.

Norstone White Rock Panel Feature Walls with Cabinetry

Having a little bit left over due to a very high yield and low waste factor installing the lobby fireplace, the contractor on this project was able to create some cool accent walls in one of the hotel suites. Flanking some nice wood cabinetry and being bathed by downward spot lighting, the white rock panels are a perfect luxury addition to this awesome suite.

We hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as we did bringing it to you. Our White Rock Panels are one of the unique products that make Norstone different than other stone veneer panels that you’ll find on the market. Designers, like the team that worked on the Matrix Hotel project, recognize these differences and the projects they work on reflect it. If you’re searching for truly unique stone veneer options for your next project, give one of our on staff designers a call and let’s discuss your project and see what natural stone options might be the perfect fit for the job. Until then, happy designing!

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