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Stone Wall Tile Built for Modern Design.

Ebony 3D Basalt

Stone Wall Tile Built for Modern Design.

PRODUCT DETAILS BELOW. A color so dark and bold its white hot, Ebony Basalt 3D is an ideal color for those looking to explore the darker color range and create a design with superb contrast. Order your sample kit today!

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Norstone Ebony 3D Basalt

Design your space with a truly modern powerhouse.

The Ebony colored Basalt 3D Tile is built so you can feature unique walls of contemproary design with clean, even textural lines. Ebony is the darkest color stone in our line up and is an ideal product to use to create contrast against pops of color or expanses of pure white. Equally adept at making a statement in a large or small space, this product is sure to catch your eye. If you like bold in your design, Ebony Basalt 3D Tile is a product for you.

Aksent 3D Ebony Panels are available in:

Field Unit

Ochre Field Unit Panel

Corner Unit

Ebony Corner Basalt 3D Panel

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White Marble

Beige Marble

Grey Basalt

Ebony Basalt