stacked stone tiles
Dimensional Ledgestone Ahead of its Time.

Basalt 3D Tiles

Dimensional Ledgestone Ahead of its Time.

With lines so clean, precision so exact, our Basalt 3D Stone Tiles deliver a next-level contemporary look that is NOT to be missed. Get your samples today!

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The Basalt 3D Tile Collection

Every Stone, Meticulously Set By Hand.

Comprised of precision-cut blocks of Basalt stone, popularly known as Lava stone, our new interlocking tiles are hand-assembled with absolute & exacting standards. The result is a thin stone veneer so refined - so perfectly linear - that a completed installation will leave you with a new feeling of modernity and class. These thin stone tiles are perfect for contemporary commercial and residential facades, retaining walls, broad feature walls, and tall stone fireplaces. Basalt 3D Tiles are available in our two proprietary Basalt colors: Ash Grey and Ebony.

Interlocking Ends Ensure a Seamless Installation. Every Time.

Basalt 3D Tiles offer a "stepped" interlocking edge profile whereby one panel will interlock tightly into its neighboring panel. This system eliminates vertical seams, providing a clean, seamless look across your wall while still leveraging the easy to install nature of a panel system.

One Corner System to Rule Them All.

Basalt 3D Tiles incorporate Norstone's World-Class two-part, finger-jointed corner system. Saving every project the head-ache of having to miter their corners, this two-piece system offers a hassle free, interlocking installation, providing a look so seamless that it preserves the authentic nature of the stone. Because they require little skill on the part of the contractors fixing our rock panels to a wall, they significantly reduce installation time and onsite labor costs, especially when compared to the time and skill involved in cutting and forming mitered corners.

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Basalt 3D Panel Field Unit

Norstone's Rock Panel Veneer Diagram Measurement Norstone's Stone Panel Wall Cladding Diagram

24" Wide x 6" Tall
1/2" - 5/8" Variable Thickness
1 panel = 0.94 square foot - 8.5 lbs
6 panels per box - 50 lbs

Corner Measurements

Approx. 8" & 16" Returns x
6" Tall
1 panel = Approx 1 square foot
6 panels per box - 50 lbs
*Note: 2 Corners = 1 linear foot


Sold by the box or crate only.
Each box contains 5.625 square feet. Each crate contains 48 boxes, or 270sf.


Basalt Stone is an extrusive igneous rock formed by the rapid cooling of basalt magmas and lavas at or near the earth’s surface. The un-weathered Basalt that our products are manufactured from exhibit pristine grey to black coloring that has been untouched by the elements for millions of years and is peerless in terms of beauty in the natural stone world, making the Basalt IL tile the perfect choice for modern wall tile applications.

Norstone Basalt 3D is made from 100% natural stone and create a modern wall tile look as unique as it is contemporary.

Ash Grey and Ebony Basalt are both pure Basalt.


With its precision geometry and silky smooth finish Basalt 3D will be ideal for a wide range of applications, particularily when the design calls for a more modern clean line look. With both the lighter Grey and darker Ebony colors trending right now in the interior design world, this is a product that will make an instant impact.

Norstone Basalt 3D is ideal for:
Interior or Exterior applications where a bold statement is looking to be made
In and around water including pools, spas, water features and fountains
Commercial Applications including hospitality, medical, office, and retail
Residential Applications including backsplashes, feature walls, fireplaces and walk in showers.

For more detailed installation instructions, please visit our installation guide.


One of the main benefits of Norstone Basalt 3D is the ease with which they can be installed. The panel system provides for rapid installation over prepared cementitious surfaces, such as cement board, brick / block, or a traditional lathe and scratch coat using a polymer modified tile thinset. Basalt 3D is ideally cut on a tile wet saw and are highly calibrated, allowing the installer to interlock one panel into its neighboring panels, thus creating the highly desirable dry stack look and eliminating the need to grout or point mortar between individual pieces or units.

Basalt is a porous natural stone and should be sealed in both interior and exterior applications to minimize and prevent any staining of the product. Water based, penetrating sealers should be used and applied per manufacturer's instructions. Variants of sealers can tested and used to achieve differing effects and sheens.

The beauty of the Basalt 3D lies in its simplicity, and whether part of a large scale commercial application, or a small residential project, all levels of installers will find the Basalt 3D quick and easy to install and a pleasure to work with.

Natural Stone Sealer

Basalt 3D should be sealed with water based penetrating natural stone sealer. Different sealers can be applied depending on the characteristics of the application or to achieve a desired look or finish. Always test sealers on a sample piece, off cut, or in an inconspicuous place prior to installing over the entire application.

Pricing & Availability

Norstone's Basalt 3D Stone Panel Range is now available nationwide.

Wherever you might be located, Norstone can be purchased either manufacturer-direct from our offices or via a trained distributor in your local area. Norstone products are consistently kept In Stock either in distributor warehouses around the country or in one of our national distribution hubs. This means shorter lead-times for most projects.

To be connected to a distributor or for help with your project directly, we encourage you to give us a call. You can reach your regional office by calling us at 1 (877) 210 9248, or please connect with us via our contact form.

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