stacked stone tiles
A Modern Stone Tile to Rule Them All.

Ash Grey 3D

A Modern Stone Tile to Rule Them All.

PRODUCT DETAILS BELOW. Riding the wave of today's popular color trends, Ash Grey Basalt 3D is a beautifully muted grey with sharp lines & great texture - a knockout for any contemporary design. Order your samples today!

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Norstone Basalt 3D Ash Grey

Capture the Precision & Clean Lines of the Ash Grey Basalt 3D

The Ash Grey Basalt 3D Tile is a medium bodied grey stone, which is very difficult to find in the industry. This color can fit well with a wide palette of cooler tones found most commonly in Contemporary Design. The Basalt 3D Tile itself is constructed to work particularly well for larger feature walls where long, refined lines are desired. Beloved by architects and designers, the Ash Grey Basalt 3D Tile is the perfect product for your modern design toolkit.

Basalt Ash Grey 3D Panels are available in:

Field Unit

Ash Grey Field Unit Panel

Corner Unit

Ash Grey Corner Basalt 3D Panel

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Ash Grey