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Earth Tones Made Brighter

XL Aztec

Earth Tones Made Brighter

PRODUCT DETAILS BELOW. Exclusive to the XL product line, Aztec is an appealing blend of lighter colored earth tones including light greys, browns, and oranges with blush colored accents. Order your sample kit today!

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Norstone XL Rock Panel Aztec Blend

Lighten Things Up with Aztec XL

A recent addition to our color line up, Aztec is an extremely popular blend of earth tones that is overall lighter in range than our most popular Ochre Blend color. Perfect for a neutral backdrop that exudes character through color blend and texture, Aztec is a quartzite based sandstone and should be primarily used for interior applications and exterior applications in non freeze / thaw climates.

Aztec XL Rock Panels are available in:

Field Unit

Aztec Field Unit Panel

Corner Unit

Aztec Corner Rock Panel

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