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Norstone Classroom Series - Backsplash Trends

When you walk into a kitchen, one of the first things you notice is the backsplash. It is the focal point of the room – what everything is centered around. It can tie together your cabinets, countertops and bring forth the general aesthetic of the space. Today, your backsplash options are endless, from complex mosaic tile designs to large format tiles in a variety of different materials. Some might be fads that fade fast, but exploring the current trends is inspiring, exciting, and the first step in finding what you’ll fall in love with.

E&SOne trend that we are seeing, and not just in backsplashes but throughout whole house design, is earth friendly products. Renewable, recycled and environmentally safe products make for a greener house, and we are not talking about the color! You can even make sure your backsplash is green by using a product such as these barnwood tiles from E&S Tile. These unique backsplash tile designs are made from recycled barnwood gathered from 80 year old barns and distilleries. They are finished with a low VOC ceramic coating for easy cleaning.

Stainles steelAnother trend that we are noticing is stainless steel backsplashes. Stainless steel is as efficient and low maintenance as it is stylish. It offers a number of advantages, ranging from durability to the fact that it can be integrated into just about any kitchen design to coordinate with most appliances. Like the appliances, the stainless steel backsplash tile design is sleek but refined and a great option for anyone looking to add both visual interest and efficiency to their kitchen.  Stainless steel is available in both tiles as well as larger cut to fit sheets.

Subway tileWhen talking about backsplash trends, you can’t leave out the trusty, long loved subway tile. With the revival of vintage and shabby chic, the subway tile is making a comeback. The classic, understated look of a subway tile is extremely versatile. It can be paired with just about any kitchen style, from traditional to hyper-modern. The subway tile comes in an endless variety of materials, colors and textures.

Stacked stoneAnother great trend in backsplashes is the use of natural stone. Technically this could fall into the earth friendly category, but they are so unique and beautiful, I thought they should stand on their own. Of course you can go with a traditional slate or travertine tile, but what we are seeing today is the use of drystacked ledge stones like Norstone’s [Rock Panels]/products/stacked-stone-cladding/). These panels take the old and make it new. They bring the outdoors in while providing a versatile pallet that coordinates well with traditional or modern design. They provide rawness to the space that really fits in a kitchen.

A backsplash is a chance to really bring out the personality of a kitchen. It is the finishing touch, the cherry on the top. Research the various materials that are out there and find the one that best fits you and the space and most importantly, have fun with it!

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