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Stacked Stone Veneer Wall Panels

Streamline the installation of any natural stacked stone wall or project using our innovative stone veneer panels. Bring your project to a new level.

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The Rock Panel Collection

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If you seek the appealing, three-dimensional look of stacked stone, look no further than Norstone Rock Panels, a natural stone veneer cladding system which is ideal for exterior feature walls, pool surrounds, courtyards and entertainment areas. Equally well suited for interior use, these stacked stone panels are also perfect for natural stone fireplaces or the creation of water features, especially when illuminated to highlight the color variations. And as they come in modular form, this stacked stone tile product is quick and easy to install on most structurally sound surfaces.

Four Brilliant Colors. Unique Norstone Design.

Rock Panels are available in a selection of textures and four primary colors: the rustic, rugged appeal of Ochre Blend; the cool, subdued tones of Charcoal; the warm, mellow hues of Ivory Quartz; and the sleek, contemporary styling of White Quartz. Handmade from select pieces of cut natural quartz or sedimentary rock, each natural stacked stone veneer panel is 100% unique in color and design. Most importantly, these products are real stone veneer panels, meaning you compromise nothing in terms of the authenticity and durability of natural stone.

The World's Most Advanced Corner System.

Corners are extremely important in any project, which is why Norstone prides itself on its innovation of the only two-part, finger-jointed corner system in the world. The inter-woven fingers deliver the most seamless look possible while our two-piece system upholds our promise of a hassle free installation. One section is longer than the other to allow an offset pattern to continue around the corner along the adjacent walls. Because they require little skill and time on the part of the contractors fixing our rock panels to a wall, they significantly reduce onsite labor costs, especially when compared to the time and skill involved in cutting and forming mitred corners.

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Norstone's Rock Panel Veneer Diagram Measurement Norstone's Stone Panel Wall Cladding Diagram

Rock Panel Field Unit

24" Wide x 6" Tall
3/4" - 1 3/4" Variable Thickness
1 panel = 1 square foot - 12.5 lbs
4 panels per box - 50 lbs

Corner Measurements

Approx. 8" x 16" Returns
6" Tall
1 panel = Approx 1 square foot
4 panels per box - 50 lbs
*Note: 2 Corners = 1 linear foot


Sold by the box or crate only.
Each box contains 4 square feet. Each crate contains 48 boxes, or 192sf.

Natural Stone

Natural stone has a richness of texture and color that adds a sense of timeless elegance to any indoor or outdoor living space. Guaranteeing durability and versatility, natural stone products can be used to create an integrated look of enduring style. Norstone Rock Panels adhere to the following characteristics:

Norstone Ledgestone Panels are made from 100% natural stone and create a 3 dimensional stacked stone veneer look.
The Ochre Blend is a Quartzite based sedimentary stone.
The Charcoal, White, and Ivory Rock Panels are all pure Quartz.


Beautifully textured with just a hint of roughness, these natural stone Rock Panels can be used to create innovative designs for any residential or commercial application. With their clean, simple and aesthetically pleasing lines, Norstone Rock Panels can transform a plain, uninspiring wall into a stunning feature wall, providing the simple yet defined geometry of a traditional stacked stone wall.

Norstone Rock Panels are ideal for:
Interior or Exterior Applications, complimenting well with stainless steel, glass and wood / timber.
Water features, including pools and spas.
Residential Projects, including feature walls, kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, backsplashes & showers.
Commercial Applications, including office, retail, restaurant / bar, hotels, casinos, hospitality and medical builds outs.

For more detailed installation instructions, please visit our installation guide.


One of the main benefits of Norstone Rock Panels is the ease with which they can be installed. The panel system provides for rapid installation over prepared cementitious surfaces, such as cement board, brick / block, or a traditional lathe and scratch coat using a polymer modified tile thinset. Rock Panels are ideally cut on a tile wet saw and are highly calibrated, allowing the installer to butt-join individual units together, thus eliminating the need to grout or point mortar between individual pieces or units.

The beauty of the Rock Panel lies in its simplicity, and whether part of a large scale commercial application, or a small residential project, all levels of installers will find the Rock Panel quick and easy to install and a pleasure to work with.

Natural Stone Sealer

A natural stone sealer can be applied depending on the characteristics of the application or to achieve a desired look or finish.

Pricing & Availability

Norstone's Stacked Stone Veneer Rock Panel Range is available nationwide.

Wherever you might be located, Norstone can be purchased either manufacturer-direct from our offices or via a trained distributor in your local area. Norstone products are consistently kept In Stock either in distributor warehouses around the country or in one of our national distribution hubs. This means shorter lead-times for most projects.

To be connected to a distributor or for help with your project directly, we encourage you to give us a call. You can reach your regional office by calling us at 1 (877) 210 9248, or please connect with us via our contact form.

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