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Lynia IL Tiles

Lynia Stone Mosaic Tiles

Showcase clean lines and modern style with the use of Lynia Interlocking Natural Stone Mosaic Tile. Take your project from ordinary to extraordinary!

The Lynia IL Tile Collection

Mosaic Tile Lines Norstone's Legendary Craftsmanship.

Lynia Stone Mosaic Tiles

Lynia Interlocking Tiles are a righteous marriage of design, technology, and extraordinary stone coming together in a mosaic tile format. The stone is expertly sourced, cut and honed into individual strips, which are then mesh mounted, creating a modern mosaic wall tile so sleek and so contemporary you might just forget all about the Victorian Era. Smooth and silky to the touch, the natural honed finish of our Lynia IL Tile is refined and luxurious. These mosaic tiles are ideal for just about anywhere a bold statement should be made, including exterior or interior feature walls, backsplashes, powder rooms, showers, and retaining walls.

The Colors You Want. Norstone’s Legendary Craftsmanship.

Lynia IL Tiles are available in four modern and contemporary colors, the lighter tones of White Marble and Beige Marble and the darker tones of Ash Grey and Ebony. Embracing the trendy colors of modern design and styling, while still staying color neutral, there is sure to be the perfect color for your next mosaic tile project. Combined with the precision and quality that comes with owning our manufacturing process from quarry to distributor, Lynia IL Tiles achieve the highest standards in color, calibration, packing, and service that Norstone has built its reputation on. Experience the difference premium stone and decades of industry experience and manufacturing know-how make with this mosaic tile product.

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Field Unit Dimensions

One Unit - 9 staggered 12" Basalt Strips
Full Unit Dimensions: 15" Tall x 17" Wide**
** Includes Grout Gaps
4 Tile Mats per box - 35 lbs
1 Mat = 1.3 square feet - 7 lbs

Individual Strip Specs

Large Strip: 2.4" Tall x 12" Wide
Medium Strip: 1.4" Tall x 12" Wide
Small Strip: 1" Tall x 12" Wide
*Variable thickness: 0.4" - 0.6" Thick

Corner Unit Dimensions

One Corner Unit - 9 staggered 12" Basalt Strips
Full Unit Dimensions: 15" Tall x 17" Wide**
** Includes Grout Gaps
4 Tile Mats per box - 35 lbs
1 Mat = 1.3 square feet - 7 lbs


Sold by the box.
Each box contains 5.2 square feet. Each crate contains 66 boxes, or 343.2sf.

Stone Types

White and Beige Marble Lynia IL tiles are made from marble quarried in Southeast Asia, then rough cut, honed, final cut and assembled at our factory.  Marble is a timeless building material, admired for the intrinsic beauty of natural stone which it so adeptly conveys and respected for its durability as a building material, starting in Ancient Egypt and continuing to today.

Ash Grey and Ebony Lynia IL Tiles are sourced from Basalt Stone, which is an extrusive igneous rock formed by the rapid cooling of basalt magmas and lavas at or near the earth’s surface. The un-weathered Basalt that our products are manufactured from exhibit pristine grey to black coloring that has been untouched by the elements for millions of years and is peerless in terms of beauty in the natural stone world, making the Lynia IL tile the perfect choice for modern mosaic wall tile applications.

Norstone Lynia IL Tiles are made from 100% natural stone and create a modern wall tile look as unique as it is contemporary.


Smooth to the touch and pleasing to the eye, Lynia IL tiles take the striking beauty of natural stone and turn it into an extraordinarily unique modern wall tile package. With a linear look fashioned from individual strips of natural stone mounted together into a single unit, the Lynia IL product is a modern mosaic wall tile package that will create a hip, sexy, and modern look wherever it is used.

Norstone Lynia IL Tiles are ideal for:

Interior or Exterior projects where the look of a modern wall tile is needed.
Residential Projects, including feature walls, kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, backsplashes, showers & other water features.
Commercial Applications, including office, retail, restaurant / bar, hotels, casinos, hospitality and medical builds outs.

For more detailed installation instructions, please visit our installation guide.


Lynia Tiles are a modern mosaic wall tile both in look, as well as installation. Each tile unit consists of 9 strips mounted on a mat to for ease of installation. Similar to any standard natural stone wall tile installation, the working surface should be a prepared cementitious substrate, most often cement board. The tile mats are fixed to the wall using a polymer modified tile thinset and then grouted with un-sanded grout. Like most natural stones, Lynia IL Tiles are designed to be cut on a tile wet saw.

Wherever Lynia IL Tiles are used, the installation experience will be similar to other mat mounted tile products, which offer quick installation and consistent grout lines and spacing.

Natural Stone Sealer

Marble and Basalt are porous natural stones, thus they easily attracts and retains oils, dirt, and other contaminants. Norstone recommends taking the necessary precautions during handling and installation to keep the tiles clean and sealing all Lynia IL Tile applications with a water based, penetrating natural stone sealer once complete. Natural stone sealers have different characteristics as it relates to color enhancement and sheen, so please test any sealer prior to application on a scrap piece of stone or in an inconspicuous area. Note that acid should not be used to clean Norstone products, for instructions on how to maintain or clean our products, please contact your local representative or refer to our installation guide.

Pricing & Availability

Norstone's Basalt Interlocking Tile Range is available nationwide.

Wherever you might be located, Norstone can be purchased either manufacturer-direct from our offices or via a trained distributor in your local area. Norstone products are consistently kept In Stock either in distributor warehouses around the country or in one of our national distribution hubs. This means shorter lead-times for most projects.

To be connected to a distributor or for help with your project directly, we encourage you to give us a call. You can reach your regional office by calling us at 1 (877) 210 9248, or please connect with us via our contact form.

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