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Large Format Stone Veneer

Architecturally inspired large format loose stone veneer designed to elevate your project to the next level of modern design. Bring your project to a new level.

The PLANC Collection

Large Format Veneer with a Streamlined Appearance.

Large Format Stone Veneer

Planc™ is Norstone's first large format loose stone veneer, opening up the design possibilities for our clients like never before. It is the long widths of each of our individual strips, measuring approximately 31.5" in length, that make this product equally adept for monumental sized commercial projects all the way down to the everyday fireplace, kitchen backsplash, or feature wall. The wider, longer format of this series allows the stone's inherent qualities to express themselves fully - from sprawling ancient mineral formations to subtle tonal variations, this new larger format system showcases natural stone at its finest. Suitable for modern and traditionally inspired design schemes alike, in both the commercial and residential segments.

The Art of Linear Wall Cladding.

Packaged three strips per set, with the heights of the two smaller strips, 2.4" and 3.1" adding up to the height of the largest strip, 5.5", the product can be laid in a variety of patterns including staggered, symmterical, asymetterical, or simply however catches your eye. Leveraging almost a decade and a half of experience in creating the highest quality stone veneer panels on the market, we've designed and manufactured Planc to be a highly calibrated system best set in a dry fit marble style installation without grout joints over flat vertical surfaces.

Cool, Striking Colors for truly Modern Design.

Nothing is more popular in current design than the grey color range, where the Planc series squarely resides. Whether a project calls for the consistency of the Ash Grey Basalt, the all natural markings and unique textures of the Platinum and Graphite Lavastone, or wants to push the color edge with the light and bright Silver Grey Quartz or dark and mysterious Ebony Basalt, a Planc color exists for any design scheme. Ideal for interior and exterior applications alike, Norstone Planc products are suitable for wet and freeze / thaw applications as well.

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Norstone's Large Format Planc Veneer Diagram Measurement Norstone's Large Format Planc Wall Cladding Corner Diagram

One PLANC™ Set

31.5" Wide x 11" Tall
0.8" Consistent Thickness
1 Planc™ Set = 2.4 square feet - 30 lbs
3 Strips per Planc™ Set - 30 lbs

Outside Corner Example

Approx. 12" x 19.5" Returns
11" Tall in total, comprised of 3 strips of varying heights
1 Planc™ Set = Approx 2.4 square feet
3 Strips per Planc™ Set - 30 lbs
*Note: Corners are cut on site


Sold by the Set.
Each set consists of 3 strips. Each crate contains 63 sets, or 151.2sf.

Downloadable Resources

PLANC™ Digital Brochure & Installation Guide
PLANC™ Downloadable Installation Guide

What is Large Format Loose Natural Stone Veneer?

The Large Format of the Planc Series, with each strip measuring out at appx 31.5 inches with varying heights up to 5.5 inches tall represents the largest product from a dimensionality and square footage standpoint that Norstone has ever manufactured. Built to woo the large format wall veneer needs of the architects and designers working on commercial projects, this product is equally adept in all size applications including residential backsplashes, fireplaces, and feature walls. Each set of Planc comes as three loose pieces, allowing for unparalled freedom to create a unique pattern using both the varying heights of the strips and the location of seams.

Materials We Use

Norstone Planc Series Large Format Veneer is made from 100% natural stone, meticulously sourced from hand picked quarries and fabricated at our factory in Vietnam to the highest standards for the most demanding markets around the globe.

Lavastone. Platinum and Graphite are both made from Lavastone, which is formed from molten lava that cools slowly, creating a unique surface texture.
Basalt. Ash Grey Basalt and Ebony Basalt are also formed from molten lava, however to form basalt the lava cools very quickly creating a very hard and dense stone.
Quartz. Silver Grey Quartz is a pure natural quartz stone that has been cut and lightly honed to form a flat but not quite smooth surface.

Large Format Stone Applications

The Large Format Nature of the Planc series lends itself towards larger projects, both interior and exterior, and the product's clean lines, smooth finishes, and light grey to black color scheme make it perfect for modern and contemporary inspired design. Norstone PLANC is tested in accordance with ASTM C67 and is suitable for exterior installation in freeze / thaw climates. If you have questions on these applications, please check with your local representative or call our corporate office to confirm a product's applicability for a specific project.

Norstone Large Format Planc Veneer is ideal for:

Interior or Exterior projects looking to achieve a large format look with a long linear pattern. Residential Applications, including entryways, exteriors, fireplaces, kitchen and bath backsplashes, pools and waterfalls. Commercial Applications, including hospitality, medical, and commercial office build outs, retrofits, and signage

For more detailed installation instructions, please visit our installation guide.


Norstone Planc Series is designed to be installed as a highly calibrated natural stone tile without grout joints. The keys to a successful installation lay primarily in the flatness of the substrate and the installer's ability to start with a level course and maintain level courses throughout the installation. A standard tile wet saw is the ideal tool for cutting Planc Series veneer. If miter cuts are desired for inside and outside corner work, a wet saw with a tilting blade or miter cut attachment will also be needed. Here is a quick summary of the key components of a Planc Series installation:

1) Substrate. As with any vertical tile installation, an appropriate cementious substrate is required. Cement board is most common for interior projects, however unpainted brick, cmu / block, or a traditional lathe + masonry scratch coat are also suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Drywall / Sheetrock is not a suitable substrate for installing tile or stone on vertical surfaces as it is not designed to support the added weight and the outer paper layer of the drywall / sheetrock can fail over time causing an installation to destabilize or potentially fall off the wall.

In addition to the right type of substrate, the wall should also be flat to within 1/8" over 10'. If your wall / substrate is outside of this tolerance a masonry skim coat, sometimes called a brown coat, can be used to bring it within tolerance.

2) Waterproofing. For exterior or wet installations, the appropriate waterproofing, and where applicable freeze/thaw anti fracture membranes, should be put in place between the substrate and the tile setting bed. Norstone Planc is suitable for use in exterior, wet , submerged, and freeze / thaw conditions provided the right setting material and installation system is used. Contact our team for any questions specific to your project.

3) Stone Setting/Patterning. Norstone Planc Series should only be set with polymer modified thinset that is rated at or above ANSI 118.4 and 118.11 adhesions standards. Mix the thinset per the manufacturer's recommendation and set the material using a 1/2" square notched trowel, screeding and notching the wall and lightly back buttering each tile to ensure full coverage. Press each tile firmly into the setting bed and periodically pull off a tile once its been set to ensure full coverage against the wall. Butt horizontal and vertical seams up tightly to achieve a groutless look. Special care should be taken to set the first course and achieve a level line by either selectively trimming or shimming the tiles and then maintaining level as subsequent courses are set.

4) Corners. Inside and outside corners are easily fabricated onsite from field tiles. Refer to the SPECIFICATIONS tab for more details and diagrams. Individual Plancs can be set along a corner in an alternating overlap pattern where the short edge (thickness) of the tile is exposed on each course, alternating on which side of the corner from one course to the other. A miter cut can also be used for inside and outside corners, as well as any off angle (non 90 degree) corners.

5) Sealing. Pre sealing prior to setting should be considered depending on the stone selected and the environment it is to be installed in. When pre sealing ensure that the product used is appropriate to work in conjunction with the selected tile adhesive. Otherwise most Planc Series colors should be sealed with a penetrating water based sealer. Different sealers can produce different effects on the stone, so be sure to test a sealer on a sample or off cut of tile before applying to the entire project. Note that acid should not be used to clean Norstone products, for instructions on how to maintain or clean our products, please contact your local representative or refer to our installation guide.

The benefit of Norstone Planc Series is the high degree of calibration we are able to achieve with this product through our expertise in raw stone sourcing and decades of stone fabrication experience at our manufacturing center, simplying installations over well prepared substrates for both commercial and residntial applications alike.

Pricing & Availability

Norstone's Large Format Stone Veneer Plance Series is available in the US, Canada, and Carribbean.

Planc can be purchased through dealers and distributors across North America and in the absence of a local point of contact, projects will be serviced manufacturer direct. Planc inventory is kept at strategic distribution centers across North America and orders from inventory are generally available for delivery anywhere within the Continental US within 5 business days. Check with your local contact for inventory availability or a lead time quotation prior to placing any order.

To be connected to a distributor or for help with your project directly, we encourage you to give us a call. You can reach our corporate headquarters by calling us at 1 (877) 210 9248, or please connect with us via our contact form.

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