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White Marble Mosaic Tiles

White Lynia IL Tile

White Marble Mosaic Tiles

PRODUCT DETAILS BELOW. Bright and contemporary, White Marble is a light colored stone with subtle color movement and a silky honed finish. Order your sample kit today!

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Norstone White Lynia IL Tile

Norstone in a White Marble Mosaic Tile Format

White Marble Lynia IL tiles are perfect for a project looking to capture the essence of natural stone with the ease of use of a marble mosaic tile.  The white to off-white color palette has the characteristic understated veining and color blending of marble, creating an authentic natural stone feel to this easy to install marble mosaic tile.

White Lynia IL Tiles are available in:

Field Unit

Lynia White Marble Mosaic Wall Tile Diagram

Corner Unit

Lynia White Marble Mosaic Wall Tile Diagram

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