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Norstone Classroom Series - Ceramic Wall Tile – Color Variation in Natural Stone vs Manmade Tile Products

If you’re thinking that a hard surface is a good option for your next wall covering project, one of the first decisions you’ll likely end up making is whether to go with a natural product, like a stone veneer, or a manmade product, like a porcelain or ceramic wall tile. One of the biggest differences between the two is with respect to color variation, so let’s dig a little deeper into each of these products to understand what the advantages are for each.

Natural stone veneerFrom a color variation standpoint, natural stone is almost always admired for its inherently unique characteristics. Whether it’s subtle variation in the color of the stone, veining, or faceting, there are a number of things that make each and every piece of natural stone unique. It is this uniqueness that creates a draw and puts value on natural stone products in the marketplace. At Norstone, we encourage our customers to embrace the uniqueness of natural stone and the color variations it brings in products like our Ochre Blend and Ivory Rock Panels.

The flip side of the argument with natural stone is that some people will be looking for a less varied, more consistent look. While this person might be enamored with the idea of having a natural stone backsplash, the idea of rose colored vein running through their White Quartz keeps them up at night.

Kitchen backsplashFor those unable or unwilling to accept the color variations in natural stone, manmade tile products like porcelain and ceramic wall tile are a great alternative. Since these products are manmade, there is control over the output in terms of color and any other variation. Ceramic wall tile buyers can be reasonably assured that when they buy tile from a quality manufacturer, that the product will be consistent from a color, dimensional, and build standpoint. However, just like natural stone, manmade tile products will vary from batch to batch, so always be sure to order enough to complete your job and account for waste when working on any tile or stone project.

Natural stone lookIn general the subtlety and uniqueness that only Mother Nature can provide is more desirable in the stone and tile industry, and most people see and appreciate the natural beauty it creates. In fact is so desirable that the manmade tile industry has spent millions on creating floor and wall tile products that are made to look like natural stone. Just stop in your local tile shop and look at the ceramic wall tile section and you’ll see a variety of tiles made to mimic natural stone. However, manmade tile products like porcelain and ceramic wall tile are a good alternative for someone needing a more consistent color range to work from. So wherever you fall in the spectrum of color variation, know that there is a good product out there for your next wall covering project and plenty of good people at Norstone and your local tile shops that can help guide you through the selection process.

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