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Design School – Pairing Lighting Fixtures with Stone Veneer for Amazing Results

Here at Norstone we’re always been cognizant of lighting and how it impacts the look of our products on our customer’s walls. The first thing most people think of in terms of lighting is the color of the light the space will have. Is it natural sunlight from a window, or LED, Fluorescent, Halogen or Incandescent from a fixture? Each of these light sources is going to have a different shade, ranging from the yellow tinge of an incandescent to the ultra pure white of some LEDs, and can make a significant impact on how stone veneer looks once installed. What we want to talk about today is not just the color of the light shining down on that stone, but the fixture itself. A simple web search will net you pages and pages of different light fixtures in every shape, size, color, and material, so with endless options, let’s cut through some of that clutter and share with you some of our favorite pairings of lighting fixtures and stone veneer.

Ochre Blend Feature Wall in Atlanta Loft Space

This first project shows off a stunning Ochre Blend Feature Wall in a downtown Atlanta loft space. The prominent circular drop chandelier is perfectly colored to blend in with the base brown and grey tones of the Ochre color, and is also sized correctly for the space. The simple styling of this fixture also works well with the loft styling including the concrete floors and ceiling. Taking a closer look at the space you’ll also see a small row of Halogen pendants set to illuminate the stacked stone wall, which will create a dramatic effect at night.

Ivory Stone Veneer Wine Cellar

Light fixtures don’t always have to be seen to have an impact, which is what we have in this next project featuring our Ivory Rock Panels set behind a wine rack system, lit up from both the bottom and top with LED strip lighting. The clean white color of the LED light adds to the modern feel of the metal wine racks and sleek vibe of the room. Ivory is one of our favorite colors to work with from a lighting standpoint as the type of lighting used can really impact how it ends up looking. Under incandescent lighting this same wall would have a much yellower hue and the stone would look more rustic and less contemporary.

Ochre Stacked Stone Feature Wall with Sunburst Chandelier in Austin, TX

This next one is a Residential Project in Austin, TX  that has one of our favorite lighting features serving as a focal point chandelier for an informal dining space. The stacked stone feature wall done behind the table has loads and loads of texture and a carefully design block geometry to give it an appealing modern yet rustic look. The fixture captures those same qualities with its use of one shape in a layered format. The warm glow of an incandescent bulb adds to the sunburst look of this very cool and modern light fixture.

Basalt Grey 3D Panel on Modern Fireplacein Tampa, FL

Not all light fixtures are just lights as this next project in Tampa, FL shows us. Our Basalt 3D Stone Panel in Ash Grey is featured on this smooth stone fireplace project. Featuring a long and skinny format gas fireplace, adorned with an ultra modern stainless steel and glass border and screen, this fireplace also has a large inset TV to complete the contemporary vibe. The lighting fixture consisting of a simple domed globe and a modern styled high volume fan works well with the smooth stone wall. The simplicity of the dome ties in nicely with the smoothness of the stone and the sharp angles of the fan blade suggest that it will move a lot of air around, linking up nicely with the industrial chic nature of this polished grey stone wall.

White Quartz Stone Veneer Cafe Wall in Orlando, FL

Our last project reminds us that a light fixture doesn’t always have to be on the ceiling. Set against the crisp look of our White Quartz Rock Panels, this shadowbox cafe signs with Edison style incandescent bulbs contrasts nicely with the wall behind it. Equally beautiful when illuminated or turned off, this unique fixture is both stylish in design and function.

Some things to avoid when pairing lighting and stone veneer are fixtures that overpower or clash with stone on size, shape, or color. Misdirected or lack of lighting can also detract from the overall design – stone walls are so beautiful and such a natural focal point that the last thing you want is lighting that misses its mark or leaves you in the dark.

While lighting is normally one of the last things to be installed during a construction project, don’t wait to start planning for it until after everything else is done. It might take a while to find that perfect fixture, and it’s a lot easier to plan for and place fixture locations before and during construction than after. So the next time you find yourself planning a stone veneer project remember all the amazing ways lighting can enhance your design.

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