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Designing with Norstone Series - Edge Options

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When working on a backsplash, fireplace, feature wall or any other application that does not require corners or terminate into another wall or abutment, you might find yourself with an exposed edge, which begs the question how do you finish an exposed edge? The answer is, it’s up to you! This is a place in your project where you can get a bit creative and really give your application a unique touch. Depending on the final look you are trying to accomplish, there are several options we recommend.

White Fireplace The first option is the leave the edge exposed. Since this is natural stone, the edges of the panel will often be the same color as the face of the panel, just a different texture. This is especially true of the lighter colors, White and Ivory and to certain extent Charcoal.  With the Ochre Blend color, since it’s a sedimentary quartz blend, you’ll often find different colors on the face and edge of the stone. The factory cut edges are smooth as opposed to the rough split face on the front of the panel. With exposed edges, you a creating a look that is more raw and modern. It takes away from the illusion that each stone is individually placed, but highlights the unique material used and provides some dimension and texture beyond just the face of the panel.

The second option is to leave the edges exposed and use a chisel or hammer to lightly chip away some of the outer pieces so you no longer have a straight line. This will still create an organic feel, but will be more rugged than a straight edge. With this option, we often recommend adding in a little more overage than usual so you or your installer can have room to experiment to get the chiseling technique just right.Bathtastic Chiseled Edges

A final option would be to cap the edges with trim, some options being wood, stone, and metal. We suggest picking a trim that coordinates with the stone and the rest of the space. For example, if working with Charcoal rock panels in a modern room, a metal or chrome trim will complement the space.

Ochre Fireplace Wood TrimNorstone Ivory Fireplace Steel Edge

If you are working with Ochre in a more traditional space, a traditional wood stain like Cherry or Walnut compliments the color palette beautifully. The trim should be used to cover the exposed edge of the stone, helping to maintain the illusion that the product is a traditionally hand stacked full bed veneer stone.

Whichever option you choose, your Norstone application is sure to look great and catch everyone’s attention. Go with the choice that works best with your style and the design of the space and feel free to contact a Norstone expert to discuss your project and what edge option might work best for you!

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