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Why Dimensionality Is Important in Stacked Stone Veneer Panels

The difference between the thickest and thinnest stone in a stacked stone veneer panel is the dimensionality of that product. How dimensional a stone veneer panel product plays a big role in what that product looks like when it’s on the wall. It isn’t necessarily the case where more dimensionality is always better – it’s more about understanding dimensionality and what else should be considered when products are more or less dimensional.

Product Detail of Norstone USA White Rock Panel showing front and profile view of a single field panel with dimensions listed

The first thing we think about when it comes to dimensionality in stacked stone veneer is how products can be designed with less dimensionality and still be great products that meet customers needs and that we can sell a lot of. A good example of a product with not as much dimensionality is our Slim Line Rock Panel Series. Slim line is a take off on our Standard Series Rock Panels, but with around 5/8” difference between the thickest and thinnest stones, as compared to about 1” for our Standard Rock Panels.

One of the most important things dimensionality in a stacked stone veneer panel does is help hide vertical seams formed when two panels but up to each other. A panel with minimal dimensionality and / or a pattern within the panel that accentuates the vertical seam won’t do a good job “hiding” the panels on the wall and instead of achieving the look of hand stacked stone, might look more like the panels they actually are. If you are considering a product, insist on seeing samples of the product and at the very least seeing a selection of installation photos if not a display wall to get an understanding of what the product actually looks like when installed.

Norstone Ebony Aksent 3D Panel used in a commercial feature wall application showing the minimal dimensionality of this product

A stone veneer panel with lots of dimensionality is going to do a much better job of hiding vertical seams. By creating more “visual interest” on the wall itself, the seams tend to fade away into the overall look the wall. However, as we alluded to above, having the most dimensionality isn’t necessarily the goal to have with stacked stone panels. The more dimensional a product, the more clearance installers have to leave when it comes to any abutment, like a window swill, door jamb, floor or ceiling molding, countertops, etc. A product with a ton of dimensionality is also likely to end up weighing more, making it harder and more expensive to fabricate, transport, and install.

Norstone Aztec XL Series Rock Panel used on a kitchen backsplash providing a product with lots of dimensionality for a small space

Ideally, the dimensionality of a product is suited to the project where it is being used. One of the very interesting things we learned when we first introduced our Slim Line Rock Panel series is that people were attracted to it specifically because it had a thinner profile. Kitchen backsplashes were a frequently cited application where customers wanted as thin of a product as possible, without sacrificing a great looking stacked stone. Even a couple quarters of an inch that get saved against the counter top meant a lot to many customers. On the flip side, an exterior project where the relative thickness of a product is less important and the look and feel of large individual stones is a priority, a more dimensional panel would be a great choice.

The lesson learned today is that dimensionality is a very important aspect of stacked stone veneer panels and something that you should consider when finding the perfect product for your next project. With dimensionality, sometimes less is more, so make sure you’re working with someone that understands both the requirements of your project,and the options on the variety of products you might considering to help in finding a good fit for your job. Contact the stone veneer experts at Norstone USA to learn more about the dimensionality and all aspects of our natural stone veneer wall products today!

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