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Ebony Planc Modern Fireplace

When we think of our most ultra modern color, Basalt Ebony is always what comes to mind. We’ve been making our Aksent 3D Panels and Lynia Interlocking Tiles for several years in this color, but with the introduction of the new Planc large format tile product, Basalt Ebony really went next level in terms of a modern look. This quick set of photos is one of the first projects we’ve gotten back from our clients and we’re ecstatic with how the Ebony Planc came together on this modern fireplace project. It’s always the details that take a project from ordinary to extraordinary, and this one is no different!

Norstone Planc Large Format Tiles in Ebony installed on a modern fireplace with linear gas insert and tv recess

The first and primary design feature of most fireplace applications is going to be the fireplace itself, and it’s always important to match the style of the fireplace unit to the design scheme and style of the overall fireplace and space itself. This was done exceptionally well with this fireplace – the long linear gas fireplace insert is a nice design complement to the large format of the Planc tile product. Both products encourage the design to be stretched horizontally and make the fireplace look bigger and wider than it actually is. We also love the symmetry between the fireplace and tv recess, which look to be almost the exact same width which also complements the modern look. And lastly, while it doesn’t have much to do with the stone veneer, I do love the fact that this fireplace is actually putting out some flames! It’s always disappointing to the author when you see a beautiful gas fireplace insert, especially a long linear one like we have in this installation, that is just barely putting out any flame whatsoever. Nothing beats the natural curl of a flame, and we really appreciate this particular unit pumping out some nice sized flames.

Putting televisions on fireplaces is something relatively new, only with the advent of flat screens in the past decade or so have we seen this start to become quite normal. While’s its not hard to hang a television on a stone veneer installation, we do really love the way the unit is recessed in this installation. From a build standpoint, it would be much easier to not frame out the recess and simply mount the tv proud of the stone veneer, but by creating this recess and essentially keeping the front of the tv almost flush with the face of the stone and fireplace, it gives the space a much more cohesive look that was planned out and designed, not added as an after thought.

Norstone Planc Large Format Tiles in Ebony installed on a modern fireplace with outside corners

Outside corners are almost always part of a fireplace project, and while this project was no exception, the Planc large format modern tile product does offer some unique corner options. If you zoom in on this application, the installer actually used a very simple technique to turn the outside corner by simply leaving the cut edge of the tiles on the front of the fireplace facing out on each side, and then the simply butting the tile on the returns up behind the face tile. This exposes one cut edge, that is all facing the same direction, in this case away from the face of the fireplace. Some installers, especially those that have some experience working with natural stone, might even buff or polish the cut edges of a corner installation like this to make them look the same as the honed finish of the face of the tile. A more technically advanced option would be a simple 45 degree outside miter cut.

If a modern stone fireplace project is on your to-do list for 2019, definitely check out our new Planc tile product as its quickly becoming a go to product for our clients that are looking for the beauty of a natural stone product, but in a clean, smooth format that’s really trending in fireplace design.

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