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Glass, Steel, and Stone Make a Very Modern Home

When it comes to modern residential architecture and design, three of the most prominent surfaces that you’ll see on the exterior envelope is glass, steel, and stone. We’re ecstatic that the design team of this week’s featured project choose to use our Ochre XL stone veneer rock panels as part of the stone package on this amazing home. Let’s take a walk around the exterior of this project and have a look at how glass, steel, and stone blend together nicely in this modern beauty.

Street View of a Modern Designed Home featuring lots of glass, steel, and stone on its exterior surfaces

The street facing elevation of the home makes an immediate impact with an enormous amount of glass windows, doors, and multi partition sliders, as well as a safety glass railing for the forward facing second story patio. The steel elements are a little more subtle and are mainly used as accents on the soffits, hand rail, and house numbers. Our stacked stone panels bring a major dose of contrasting texture to the columns, second story facade, and even along the privacy wall.

Front Elevation of Modern Designed Home with a prominent stacked stone and glass facade

As viewed from inside the privacy wall, two separate outdoor seating / lounging areas are revealed. While viewing the house head on, the glass tends to dominate our attention, especially the mammoth single fixed window on the upper right hand side. However, subtle details abound like the use of the stone veneer on the risers separating the patio areas which bring a sophisticated cohesiveness to the design and helps this project stand out from the rest.

Side View of the corner of a home with a glass corner on the first floor and stone veneer on the second story

One side view of the home again shows the commitment to glass with a super unique corner on the first floor made entirely of glass. Other types of stone are introduced with the large format paver walkway set in pebbles, as well as the continuation of the stone veneer along the second story.

A large two story outdoor fireplace clad with stone veneer and a stainless steel firebox

Stone take center stage on the opposite side of the home which has a tucked away outdoor fireplace. This large feature is clad entirely in our large format XL Series stone veneer, appropriate for this two story fireplace with the stone going all the way up. A sleek stainless steel firebox keeps with the modern theme and ties this space together with the other metallic elements in the design.

Detail showing Norstone XL Series Corner Units used in a real life application

One thing we’ve learned having worked on projects with our natural stone veneers and natural stone tile lines for over a dozen years is that details matter, which is why this last photo is a great example of what makes Norstone different than other stone veneer panels on the market. This exceptional photo of our corner units used on the band between the first and second stories of the house shows just how great an outside corner of stone veneer should look. Every piece of stone visible shows the natural cleft, there’s not discernible pattern as to how the pieces come together, and above all it looks natural and not fabricated. This attention to detail, not just on our corner units but on all our products and our customer experience from start to finish, is what makes Norstone different than a panel you can pick up at your local big box home improvement or discount tile store, or order off a website with no pictures to back it up or consultation to answer your questions.

If you’re thinking about working on a modern project in the future, glass, steel, and stone are great design materials to look to incorporate into the design. Our more traditional stone veneer panels like the XL Series and Standard Series are a great way to incorporate a contrasting texture to the smoothness of glass and steel, while some of our other products like the smooth faced Aksent 3D Series and Lynia Interlocking Tile Series are decidedly modern right out the box. Contact our team today and speak with one of our in house designers to learn more about what natural stone veneer and tile products might be a great fit for your next project!

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