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Light and Bright Aztec Stacked Stone Backsplash in Orlando, FL

When Norstone first introduced its Aztec XL Series panel to the market we needed some great photography of an installation to put on our website and we had to look no further than the kitchen backsplash of one of our amazing sales people for just the right opportunity. Even though the project was a complete kitchen renovation, including the removal of walls, leveling out a sunken breakfast nook, and the complete tear out and reconfiguration of all cabinets and appliances, the backsplash was definitely not an afterthought. Having the unique experience and background of helping our clients day in and day out plan for their own kitchen renovations, she knew that the backsplash would tie all the other materials together and was an important piece of the design puzzle of this space.  With almost infinite options for the backsplash, ranging from glass mosaic tiles to reclaimed wood, the decision was made to use our Aztec XL panels for its clean lines and bright colors, yet still very traditional look.

Aztec Stacked Stone Kitchen Backsplash Orlando, FL

Of all the things we love about this project and the Aztec stacked stone backsplash, what draws our eye the most is the color of the stone itself. Two words we consistently use to describe our Aztec color is light and bright, and I think that really shines through in this project. The cabinets, countertop, and flooring in this space are all very neutral, which allows the Aztec backsplash, sitting right below eye level for most people, to come up and shine for you with big bright oranges, pinks, and marbled white and grey colors. While we absolutely love the rustic earth tones of a color like our Ochre Blend, the more muted accent colors of that product would create less of a pop in this space than the Aztec has. Color accents are an important part of good design, and this stone backsplash checks that box for this kitchen.

Aztec Stacked Stone Kitchen Island Orlando, FL

The next thing our eye catches in this kitchen is the mix of textures. The polished Danby marble countertop, shaker style cabinets, long and linear plank flooring, and stainless steel appliances all embody elements of the smoothness of modern design. The stacked stone backsplash becomes the perfect counterpoint to that smoothness by embracing the split face texture of natural stone and providing visual interest for the project from both a color and dimensionality standpoint. Even the round bulbs of the Edison style light fixture juxtapose the more block geometry of the stone adding to the design “pop” the textured backsplash creates.

Aztec Stacked Stone Backsplash Close Up Orlando, FL

The last takeaway we got from this project was affirmation on just how easy a project like this is to tackle. Start to finish, including the clean up and an afternoon photo session, the installation of the rock panels took less than 6 hours for one rookie installer.  Whether its products like our stacked stone rock panels or basalt interlocking mosaic tiles, it’s never been easier for your average DIY homeowner to tackle a project like this and really make an impact on their space. If you’ve got a project in mind that you’re considering stacked stone veneer for but aren’t sure where to get started, reach out to one of our design experts and see where the process takes you. One thing we know for sure is that you’ll get great advice because if our sales people can design an amazing looking kitchen like this one on a small budget just imagine what they can do for you!

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