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Mixed Medium Platinum Planc Lavastone Fireplace

We’re not shy about our love for projects featuring our natural stone veneer products mixed in with other materials. In this week’s featured project we’re looking at another such mash up where our Platinum Planc Lavastone Large Format Tile is surrounding the bottom of a fireplace that leads its way into a mixed colored barnwood application as the fireplace rises to the ceiling. It would have been really easy, and looked really amazing too, to simply take the stone floor to ceiling here, but the creativity and outside the box design is totally worth the extra effort for these amazing results.

Norstone Platinum Planc Lavastone tiles in a mixed medium fireplace with barnwood strips above the mantle

The materials involved in this project are our Planc Lavastone Large Format Tile on the bottom surrounding the fireplace and up to the mantle. The Planc Large Format Tile product is a large format tile set consisting of three individual tiles, each 31.5” long with heights of 5.5”, 3.1”, and 2.4”. The color selected for this project is our Platinum which has a saw cut finish on the face and is made from Lavastone. Above the mantle a colored mix of barnwood is featured with a white, grey, and light blue mix.

These two products, the natural stone on the bottom and wood on the top, work very well together both in terms of shape and also color range. While not the same dimensions, both the stone and the wood have a long linear look that complement each other. More subtle but every bit as important is the color pallete. Many people might look at that wood, especially the light blue strips and worry how this color range will come together on a wall. The designers among us know that grey, despite all its popularity in recent years, is still a mysterious color to many. Unlike neutral tans, browns, and taupes, which allow almost any accent color to play very well against it, a grey neutral base tone on a project has a narrower range of colors that will accent it nicely. Shades of blue is certainly one of those colors because grey has significant blue undertones to it which helps blend the stone and the barnwood together masterfully in this fireplace. In most situations the blue color of the built in cabinets flanking either side of this fireplace would probably feel out of place, but blending the stone, wood and wall color together they are just the right mix of accent for this wall.

Norstone Platinum Planc Lavastone tiles in a mixed medium fireplace with barnwood strips above the mantle flanked by built in blue cabinets

A more subtle design detail of this fireplace is the texture difference between the wood and the stone. The saw cut finish of the Platinum Planc Lavastone has a smooth touch and feel which contrasts nicely with the intentionally rough cut and strafing of the barnwood. These textures form a nice contrast against the well matched color scheme of the two products.

Outside miter cut corner unit of Norstone Platinum Planc Lavastone tiles in a mixed medium fireplace with barnwood above the mantle

Handling outside corners is a frequently asked question when working with stone veneer products. There are a few main methods of handling outside corners with our Planc product, including a standard miter cut like we see done in this installation or using a pre-manufactured edge piece typically made of metal that the stone simply terminates into with a straight cut. The Platinum Planc which was used in this project has a saw cut finish on both the face and the side edges, which means an alternating overlap corner can also be used where the short edge of a tile faces outward and that outward facing edge rotates on either side of the corner from one course of stone to the next. We think the installer made the right call here to utilize a miter cut not only for the clean sharp edge a miter cut corner creates, but also to create some consistency between the corner treatment used on the wood above and the natural stone down below.

We hope you really enjoyed having a look at this cool fireplace with us. Mixing materials can be a scary proposition which is why you don’t see too many fireplaces that look like this, but when done well the results speak for themselves. Whether you’re working on a fireplace like this one, or simply interested in learning more about our natural stone veneer products for any other wall project that you want to look amazing, contact us today to learn more about natural stone, let our experts help make design suggestions for your project, order a sample and be well on your way to an exciting natural stone wall.

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