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Designing Natural Stone into Bathrooms

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Natural Stone Bathroom With this week’s discussion let’s talk about “that place”. That place in the house that spends much of its time vacant yet it challenges even the kitchen when it comes to how important a great quality, functional design actually is. “That place” is the room where there is a high demand and priority to be able to get ready for work on the fly in the morning and for it to be organized to store ungodly amounts of personal products we stockpile over time. Yup, “that place” we are talking about is the bathroom.

Stone Veneer Bathroom Feature WallLike each of the other rooms in the house the bathroom has a specific purpose, but there is a really cool flip side to this particular room. This space, if designed and planned properly, can also serve as a dual purpose room. While we require the bathroom to be convenient and functional throughout the day, this is also the room in the house which takes on the greatest of challenges; To be able to welcome us as we step in for longer periods of time, immediately assisting us in transforming our vibe and energy and becoming our get away, our sanctuary, the place in the house where after a long day many of us can temporarily check out to go find our Zen again. To a large majority having a room with a secondary purpose such as this is extremely important. In doing so bathroom design styles currently vary greatly and there are many different products used to meet this need in an effort to transform once mundane spaces into luxurious spa like experiences.

Modern Stacked Stone Bathroom One of the hottest design styles is using natural stone in bathrooms to mimic that spa like experience. A natural stone bathroom might include marbles, travertines, and slates as floor tile options, depending on budget and color preference. Wall surfaces, including showers, tub surrounds, feature walls and backsplashes are open to experimentation with products like stacked stone, mosaics, and other natural stone tile finishes. Norstone makes a Stacked Stone Rock Panel and Basalt Interlocking Tile product that have been used extensively in bathroom projects, featured on multiple makeover shows on major cable networks and are a great choice for anyone looking to create a stacked stone bathroom oasis.

Stacked Stone Bathroom Shower Wall When designing a natural stone bathroom, look for products that make a big impact in small space, avoiding those with overly large or complicated designs. You’ll find that the sky is the limit when it comes to how far your imagination can take you with everything from tubs to wash basins to pebble flooring possible when designing a natural stone bathroom, so keep finishes consistent and well paired, and watch your budget. And while many people will focus on residential bathroom remodels let us not forget the importance of bathroom design in the commercial setting. This is often the first and / or last place your customer sees so be sure it makes a good impression.

So whether you call it a water closet, commode, outhouse or john, keep in mind natural stone when it’s time to remodel and remember all the new and existing finishing materials that are on the market today. Who knows - a stone veneer bathroom might just be your next bathroom. Happy Designing!

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