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Norstone Industry Series - What is Stacked Stone?

Stacked stone is an age old building term that literally refers to constructing walls out of slabs of stone in various sizes. Romans used stacked stone walls in Europe to mark territories and some can still be found today. In New England you can find walls from early settlers that are moss covered and blending into tree lines.

New England Stacked Stone Wall

In days past, people would use the stones they had available, hand cutting and laying stones. A traditional stacked stone wall might not even use a bonding agent like concrete. Stones would be laid so carefully that the weight of the stones and their positioning in the wall is what held them together.

This process was very labor intensive and still is. Even with precut slabs of stone, it takes professional masons to deliver a quality finish. Over time people came to love the look and incorporated it in columns, cladding homes, building fireplaces and other design details. Seen as a sign of wealth due to the need for both mass amounts of material and skilled labor the stack stone look became coveted the world around.

A stunning quality of stacked stone is the unique look it has. Built from stones of all different sizes and often a natural spectrum of color stack stone has a raw yet refined look. Fast forward to today, stacked stone is one of the most popular contemporary design looks. Advances in manufacturing make it possible to expertly mount stones to wall panels. This makes it possible to quickly and easily incorporate stacked stone into a variety of designs with far less labor.

Ochre Stacked Stone Exterior Residential - Denver

Stacked stone veneer is a very affordable alternative to achieve a very contemporary look. Our stone wall panels offer advantages at for designers. Our master masons select the highest grade stone from ethical quarries, looking at consistency of color and density of rock. Then we process the stone in a very traditional fashion, cutting different thicknesses to give finished stone tiles a three dimensional aspect. All stones are hand placed for that perfect tight stack look. This minimizes the need for mortar allowing for the stone itself to shine.

Basalt 3D Ash Grey Stacked Stone Fireplace - Austin

With Norstone natural stacked stone panels we have innovated an intuitive installation process. Our stone veneer tiles feature a unique finger and groove for seamless installation. The benefits of our interlocking stone panel system are the most visible or maybe invisible on corners. No mitering and every panel lines up maintaining the consistent look of the stone, as if a master mason had laid them. While there are many products listed as stacked stone on the market, on natural stone will retain its original beauty year after year. The color it has today will not be diminished from exposure to the sun or elements. While stacked stone has a long history, Norstone’s stacked stone panels are one of a kind. Our customer service team is here to assist you at every stage of you project.

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