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Introducing Norstone Slim Line Rock Panel Stone Veneer

While Norstone has spent the past 15 years making stone veneer products of exceptional quality and durability for the high end of the market, we’ve always wanted to broaden that scope and deliver a price point stone veneer product that can make a run at competing with the veneer panels found at the big box home improvement stores and discount flooring centers. Enter our new Slim Line Series, which is still packed with features, and every bit deserving of the Norstone name, but with a lower entry level price point.

Norstone Slim Line Outside Corner Unit shown on a column in the Ochre color

The main difference between Slim Line Rock Panels and our Standard Series Rock Panels is the thickness of each panel, with the Slim Line Panels checking in between 5/8” and 1 1/4” thick, compared with the Standard Series which ranges from 3/4” to 1 ¾”. The panel sizes are the same, with each field unit clocking in at 6” tall x 24” wide and each corner unit consisting of a short side that is appx 8” long and a long side appx 16” long, that come together in an interlocking fashion.

Norstone Slim Line Collage showing Ochre and Charcoal Field Units

From a practical standpoint, the thinner panels weigh less and can be packed 5 panels, or 5 square feet, per box . This also means we can fit more square footage onto each crate we ship, allowing us to deliver more material for a lower cost to our customers. From a visual standpoint, the smaller range of thicknesses creates a slightly less dimensional look on the wall as compared to our Standard and XL Panels, however Norstone Slim Line Panels still have more depth variation and thus create a more complex and visually interesting look on the wall and than the ultra cheap stone veneer panel products available at the big box home improvement centers and discount flooring centers.

Feature Wall of Norstone Slim Line Charcoal Color

What makes Norstone Slim Line panels unique from other budget stone veneer panels is not just the Norstone name, but the areas of our production process that we refuse to cut in the name of creating a price point product. Currently available in our ever popular Ochre and Charcoal colors, the stone we use for SlimLine is the exact same stone we use in our Standard and XL Panels. We also use the same high grade two part epoxy to join the individual stones together in making the panels to ensure a much stronger bond as compared to poly based glues commonly seen on budget stone veneer panels. Lastly, we have the best in house team of Norstone production managers, stone pickers, saw men, assemblers and packers that bring to the table a decade and half of knowledge making quality stone veneer products and bring that knowledge and expertise to the production line every day no matter what product is being made.

Residential project that used Norstone Slim Line in Ochre surrounding entryway

Slim Line was originally developed for large commercial projects that demanded the merits of a natural stone product but had the financial constraints often associated with large projects. Starting Spring 2018, Norstone USA will be stocking Slim Line in both Ochre and Charcoal Colors at both our East Coast and West Coast Distribution Centers and selling to all customers for jobs of all sizes. With prices in the range of a 25% discount from our Standard Series Rock Panels, Slim Line might be a good fit for your next project, or speed up and make the project you’ve been thinking about doing a reality.

Contact the Norstone Team today to learn more about Slim Line, request samples, get a quote and see how this product might be a great fit for your project!

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