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Cool Ochre Corner Fireplace with Vertical Metal Insert

We get to look at a lot of fireplaces in our line of work so it’s always refreshing to see someone do something a little different every now and then, which is exactly what one of our recent clients did with this corner fireplace. The vertical metal insert set in between our Standard Series Ochre Rock Panels is a unique design feature that brings out all the best parts of this corner fireplace. In this week’s project profile we’ll explore the subtle design details that make this project exceptional.

Norstone Ochre Stacked Stone Rock Panels on fireplace with a dark close up rustic wood mantle

One of the first things that impresses us about this corner fireplace project is not just the beautiful Ochre Blend Standard Series Rock Panels, but the fantastic use of multiple different types of materials throughout. The rustic wood mantle piece is a nice complement to the ledge stone style of the Ochre Rock Panels while the metal in both the fireplace insert as well as the vertical architectural insert in the middle of the fireplace have nice smooth finishes that contrast with the rougher texture of the stone and wood. Lost in the shuffle but a cool feature nonetheless is the smooth minimalistic cement fireplace hearth stone / apron that becomes part of that modern and smooth look from floor to ceiling flanked by the stacked stone on either side.

Norstone Ochre Stacked Stone Rock Panels on a corner fireplace with vertical metal insert from floor to ceiling

The height of this stone fireplace is hard to miss with the vertical metal insert really helping to accentuate the distance from floor to ceiling. Height can be deceptive, especially when the main component of a fireplace is a horizontally native product like stacked stone rock panels, which makes the vertical metal insert even more important to the design and style of this corner fireplace.

The corner fireplace itself is still something of a rarity as most architects, designers, and builders still tend to put the fireplace in the middle of a wall and use it as a focal point for the space. Corner fireplaces do present some technical installation challenges as they most often have no returns and require angled cuts on the sides. We’ve seen our stacked stone rock panels used in a variety of ways in this type of application, but the best way we’ve found is to use natural end panels where the angle of the corner section meets up with the adjoining walls as you can see done in this project. The natural ends ensure that the short side of each of the panels has the same naturally clefted texture as the face of the stone so no matter what angle you’re looking at this installation you see natural faced stone.

Norstone Ochre Stacked Stone Rock Panels on a corner fireplace with vertical metal insert and small concrete hearth step

One last reason we really like the architectural metal insert in this project is how the color of that insert really works well with the color blend of the Ochre stacked stone rock panels. The Ochre Blend is predominantly brown and grey with rust colored accents. The vertical metal insert grabs a hold of that accent color and puts it front and center, which accentuates those colors in the stone as well. The rest of the room can be painted or repainted in a variety of neutral colors ranging from off white to grey to brown and still end up looking great in this color palette.

We might be coming up on summer, but now is a great time to start thinking about your fireplace project while many fireplace contractors aren’t in the middle of the huge rush of “burn season” right before it starts to get cold again. Whatever type of fireplace you have, whether its a corner unit like the one we profiled today, a more traditional middle of the wall unit, or even a double sided column fireplace, natural stone veneer is a great choice for the main covering. Norstone has a variety of products ranging from medium to large format and smooth to split face finishes to give you lots of design options with your project. Contact one of our friendly team members to learn more about using natural stone veneer for your next project!

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