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Outside the Box Stone Design Ideas For Your Next Remodel or New Build

One of the things we love about our products is that over the years we’ve gotten to work with lots of amazing designers, as well as bunches of homeowners, who each have their own unique vision of what they’re trying to achieve with their project. The customer service and attention to detail we, and our amazing team of distributors and dealers, provide is something you simply don’t get when buying stone products through big box stores or discount flooring centers. The ones that are especially memorable are the clients that use the product in a new and totally unique way that even takes us by surprise! Stacked stone and stone veneer is always going to be a major design trend on our most popular projects like fireplaces and backsplashes, but these projects below, as well as many others, inspire us with their creative use of stone veneer.

Stacked Stone Shower Wall Denmark

Using stacked stone in a shower isn’t something we thought of until we got these amazing photos many years ago from a contemporary residence in Denmark. Our Charcoal Standard Series Rock Panels are featured in this large master bathroom and serve as an accent wall in a large walk in / doorless master shower. Still an incredibly unique project and application to this day, we’ve since worked with many clients who have installed stone veneer in shower and bath applications. Some of the key things we review with each client considering this type of application is the critical importance of waterproofing and the correct installation materials and techniques, the need to evacuate the hot and humid air from the room during and after shower use, and setting the right expectation that a highly textured product like stacked stone isn’t going to be maintenance free in an application such as this. The spa like look and feeling clients can achieve with a stacked stone bathroom makes it all worth it.

Circular Stone Stairwell Atlanta, GA

Another project that opened our eyes up to the possibilities of stacked stone was this awesome stair landing project a client of ours did in Atlanta in the mid 2000s. The design team behind this project wowed us by using the standard series rock panel in a vertical orientation (24” tall x 6” wide) which allowed the installers to bend it around the curve on this tight stairway landing. The sleek look of the white stacked stone, sets up beautifully against the black stairs and railing and modern art and fixtures in this space, and the vertical orientation of the panels works perfectly to maximize the height in this stairway making each trip up and down a memorable one for the lucky clients that call this place home.

Stacked Stone Home Music Studio Philadephia, PA

This next project, a small guitar / music studio in a client’s basement, helped spark our interest in learning more about how a product like ours can benefit the acoustics of a space, and indirectly helped us work on one of our most beautiful projects to date, the Rockport Concert Hall. As a stone veneer manufacturer we didn’t realize that the irregularity and high degree of texture, as well as the density of the stone itself, had major acoustic benefits by deflecting and absorbing sound waves. While this client was just looking for a cool looking place to jam out, we’ve since worked with both consumer and professional level audio studios on projects and look forward to seeing our products deflect and absorb more sounds waves in the future.

Stone Veneer Circular Cut Out Seychelles

One last project that really stood out the first time we saw it completed was this amazing outdoor living space in the Seychelles, and island nation off the coast of Africa. While using stacked stone in an outdoor living space isn’t altogether unique, the design team’s inspiration to incorporate a large circular cut out in the wall, creating a “port hole” of sorts, creates its own visual interest in the space and doesn’t do anything to diminish the amazing view from this patio, while still maintaining privacy. The combination of the straight line geometry of the stone veneer and the curves of the circle complement each other instead of clashing.

As you can see, there’s so much more to stone veneer than just fireplaces, and we hope this small collection of projects have inspired you to think of outside the box ways stacked stone can be incorporated into your next project. Our design experts would be glad to discuss turning your inspiration into reality - contact us to see what’s possible. In the meantime, stay creative and send us your favorite outside the box stone projects – we’d love to see them!

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