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PLANC – A New Dimension for Norstone

One of the things we as product developers at Norstone have focused on over the last couple years is trying to bring products to market that are super unique in terms of look and feel, trending in terms of color, and at price points that make them practical for all sorts of applications. With the roll out of our latest product, PLANC Large Format Wall Tiles happening during Spring of 2018, we feel like we checked all those boxes and are super excited to share this great product with our customers.

PLANC is a large format loose strip veneer. The product comes as a set of three strips, each measuring 31.5” long and either 5.5”, 3.1”, or 2.4” in height. The strips are about .8” thick and the product weighs in at around 12.5 lbs per square foot. We currently are producing PLANC in five unique colors including the Grey and Ebony Basalt colors that many of our customers are already familiar with from our Aksent 3D Panels and Lynia IL Tiles. New to the color mix are a Silver Grey Quartz and the color we are most excited about, Platinum, which is a beautiful lavastone complete with natural veining and surface texture that you can only find in natural stone. The final color in our mix, Graphite, is a honed version of the Platinum, offering a slightly darker appearance along with a smoother texture.

Norstone Planc Sets in all 5 colors stacked behind each other in a staggered format

One of the things that makes PLANC so unique and different is the large format of this product. At 31.5” long there’s very little to compare this product against in terms of size when it comes to wall tiles, and especially natural stone wall tiles. The large format is ideal for architecturally sized projects, especially exteriors, but the scale isn’t lost on smaller projects as seen in the backsplash application done in the home of one of our longtime employees.

Modern White Kitchen with a Planc Platinum backsplash in Orlando

PLANC is also an incredibly versatile product in terms of how the installer chooses to pattern it on the wall. We anticipate that most of the time the product will be used in a staggered pattern with the three strips stacked on top of each other and staggered, but to the more inspired among us, the 3.1” and 2.4” strips can meet right up with the 5.5” tall strip opening up myriad of both symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns on the wall. We’ve laid out some cool patterns with PLANC on the ground at our warehouse and can’t wait to see how our customers use this product in unique and interesting ways.

Custom Lavastone Blend on an exterior urban garden wall

Price wise, Platinum and Graphite PLANC will be some of the most competitive priced products Norstone has ever brought to the market. The relatively lower source cost of Lavastone as compared to other stones like Quartz and Basalt allow us the opportunity to price these two colors at points making them attractive for both large scale architecturally specified products as well as residential projects of all sizes and scopes. All PLANC colors can be used in both interior and exterior applications. These stones are currently undergoing independent lab testing to ensure their stability in those areas and we hope to be able to make a recommendation soon on using them in freeze / thaw regions.

Planc Platinum used on a backsplash of a small modern kitchen with cabinets and white marble counter tops

Samples of all five colors of PLANC are available by calling our office or submitting your contact details through our website and we have an increasing amount of inventory of the PLANC product available for immediate sales and delivery to your project. Reach out to our team today to learn more about this unique large format natural stone tile product and see how it might be a great fit for your next stone wall tile project!

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