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Restaurant Build Out with Platinum Planc Large Format Wall Tile

Last month when visiting one of our fantastic distributors in Southwest Florida we got a chance to visit a project they had just recently completed at a newly opened restaurant. We were really excited to check this project out because our new Planc Large Format Wall Tiles in the Platinum color were used on both interior and exterior applications. The visit exceeded our expectations, and while we grabbed the photos below with just a phone camera, we can’t wait to go back and get some professional photography done on this project to share it on our website. Let’s have a quick look around Libby’s in Sarasota, FL and check out the Platinum Planc Large Format Wall Tile which adds to the stylish vibe of the restaurant.

Norstone Platinum Planc Large Format Wall Tile featured on a hostess station at Libby's in Sarasota, FL

Starting out right at the hostess station, the Platinum Planc Large Format Wall Tiles help make a great first impression for the restaurant’s guests. The backdrop wall gives off a stylish modern vibe that flows through the rest of the design scheme of the restaurant, and is also a high class finish to match with the level of this fine dining establishment. We’ve written before about how signage is attached to stone veneer, and we really like how the laser cut metal signage is carefully installed on the stone veneer wall with maximum effort made to conceal how it’s attached. The end result is the letters appear almost floating in front of the stone and look terrific from a signage and branding standpoint.

The lighting on this wall, while not pronounced in the afternoon when this photo was taken, is also a subtle yet very important part of what makes this stone veneer feature wall stand out. Lighting can make huge impact on natural stone walls, and in a low light environment like a fine dining establishment, the warm spot lights on this wall with highlight the signage while giving off just enough light for the host team to perform their functions, all while highlighting the stunning natural stone wall tiles.

Norstone Platinum Planc Large Format Wall Tile on the exterior entry way wall of Libby's restaurant in Sarasota, FL

The photo above is taken just outside the front entrance of the restaurant and speaks to us on a number of different levels. We love how the design team used this both on the exterior and then continued it into the interior. Natural Stone Veneer is a great choice for this location from a durability standpoint. First impressions really matter a lot in the hospitality industry, so a restaurant that has not only a great looking entryway on the day they open, but one that can live up to the constant traffic a commercial space like this creates makes for a great choice in wall coverings.

This large wall also gives us a good look at the pattern the installers chose to lay these large format wall tiles in, a basic running bond pattern where the three sizes of tile within each Planc set are offset from one course to the other. The pattern repeats itself every third course. The running bond is definitely a reliable choice for an installation and looks great in this application. One of the neat things about the Planc large format wall tiles is that the nature of the product allows it to be set in a variety of patterns including straight stacks, herringbone, symmetrical, etc.

Norstone Platinum Planc Large Format Wall Tile featured in the outside dining area of Libby's restaurant in Sarasota, FL

The outside dining area of the restaurant features a fantastic looking built in bench seat with the Platinum Planc Large Format Wall Tiles featured prominently on the side and back walls. The outside corners stand out to us in this part of the installation. Since the Platinum color has a saw cut finish for the face of the tiles, the installers decide to create a simple alternating overlapped corner whereby the cut edge alternates which direction it faces from one course to the next. In the Planc series corners can also be handled using a standard outside corner miter cut, as well as pre-fabricated corner systems, normally made from metal.

A big shout out to the team at Libby’s in Sarasota for showing us around for a few minutes and letting us photograph the stone as part of their beautiful restaurant. The Planc Large Format Wall Tiles are quickly becoming the go to product for architects and designers looking for a product that is unique, on trend, and creates beautiful looking spaces. Contact us today to learn more about using Planc Large Format Wall Tiles for your next natural stone veneer project!

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