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An Early Platinum Planc Project Revisited

One of the coolest things about bringing new products to market is getting a chance to work with amazing architects and designers – the type of professionals that like to live on the bleeding edge of product design and innovation. We got that opportunity with a great design and construction group last year shortly after launching our Planc large format tile product in the late Spring. We were so excited when we saw the first batch of photos showing the project under construction that we even shared it in this blog post from last November. This project is now complete and while everybody’s busy picking their jaws up off the floor, let’s have another quick look around and see how it turned out!

Norstone Platinum Planc Large Format Tile on the front facade of a modern California home

The front exterior elevation of this house really sets the design tone from both a shape and construction standpoint as well as the materials selected. Starting at the flat roof line, rectangles abound, whether its in the upper stories with their walk out balconies or the windows and doors throughout. One thing we didn’t see the first time through was the really cool garage door chosen for the project. Smoked glass with powder coated aluminum cross bracing embraces the rectangular theme and runs with it. On first viewing this project last fall, we simply thought that the way the design team had chosen to install the Planc large format tiles, in a straight stack gapped both horizontally and vertically, was just a really cool modern way to use the product. Seeing the finished product, we now appreciate much more how it adds to the design theme that is so carefully curated throughout this front elevation.

Norstone Platinum Planc Large Format Tile used as a background feature wall behind a large tv and smooth stone fireplace

Moving inside, the front on view of this living room is absolutely stunning. Again, we are super impressed with the designer’s attention to detail here – subtle things like making the fireplace stretch exactly the width of two of the Planc sets isn’t something that happens by chance, but needs meticulously planned out and then executed on by multiple trades people. The author especially likes how the installer used an inside miter cut on the far corner and then continued the Planc sets on the next wall. A small detail to improve on the next project is to move the outlets down into the baseboards, which not only makes the stone installation easier because the installers don’t have to cut the stone around the outlets, but also helps keep continuity to the pattern from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

Norstone Platinum Planc Large Format Tile on an interior feature wall that continues from the main wall along the back wall of the home

The side angle view of the living room taken from the kitchen shows the stone used in more places than we had seen in our first preview of the project. The detail along this back wall of the home again is extremely impressive, as the installer navigates sliding glass doors and an outside corner all without breaking the pattern.

Norstone Platinum Planc Large Format Tile on the rear facade of a modern California home with edgeless pool

Another new angle we’re seeing for the first time on this project is from the backyard looking towards the rear elevation of the house. Everything in this frame has ridiculously clean lines, from the pocket sliding glass doors which tuck neatly away into the wall to the edge-less pool design. The Planc tiles are a nice accent in this elevation against the more dominant smooth stucco and large format outdoor porcelain tiles of the pool deck. The Platinum color, since its lava stone, has unique surface textures and characteristics giving it an all natural look which complements the extensive polished woodwork throughout this project and gives a warmer touch against the other predominant man made materials like concrete and glass.

Thanks for taking a look at this amazingly beautiful, impressively modern, and stunningly designed home in Hollywood, CA. Our Planc large format tiles are our most versatile product ever, giving the designer choice in installation pattern unlike any other product we’ve made before. Contact us today to learn more about Planc and any of our other architectural grade natural stone wall products.

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