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Why Stacked Stone Panels make an Excellent Choice for Exterior Stone Veneer

Natural stone has always been a great option for a timeless and durable look for exterior applications, and with the advent of pre-made natural stone panel systems, this look and the benefits of an exterior stone veneer are easier to attain than ever. Let’s take a look at some of the different Stacked Stone Panel Systems that we make at Norstone and learn what makes them excellent choices for exterior stone veneer applications.

Norstone Charcoal XL Stone Veneer Panels used on exterior residential feature wall

The first and foremost reason Norstone Stacked Stone Panel systems are ideal for exterior stone veneer projects is because our panels are actually made from natural stone. This is probably the biggest differentiator when comparing panel systems – whether the stone is real or faux. All the products we make at Norstone are made of natural stone, which not only gives it the long lasting durability that you expect from a natural stone, but also the inherent beauty of natural stone itself, something that can’t easily be replicated using concrete and molds when making faux stone. We love the photo above of an exterior accent wall on a residential application as it shows our Charcoal XL Series Rock Panels as after a rain shower changing colors as they dry out. That unique look that doesn’t just mimic nature but is indeed natural elevates this project.

Norstone Ochre Standard Series Rock Panels used on exterior residential accent walls on modern home

The ease with which Norstone Stacked Stone Panel systems are installed is another major benefit of using these types of products for exterior stone veneer applications. We recently spoke with a true stone mason from New England who shared with us that he can charge anywhere between $70-90 per sq ft to “hand stack” full veneer masonry. While good for him, we see it as an even more compelling case for Stacked Stone Panel systems like Norstone XL Series Rock Panels, which should be competitively priced below $15 / sq ft and should be installed at a similar rate to wall tile (< $5 – 10 / sq ft depending on area). There is no doubt a tremendous amount of skill that a master stone mason possesses to hand stack loose stone in what is truly an art form, however we like the fact that a similar stacked stone / ledgestone look can be achieved using panel systems and tile setters to install at a fraction of the cost. The modern styled home shown above was completed many years ago in South Florida and the installation of our Standard Series Rock Panels in Ochre Blend was performed by a tile setter and probably cost less than $15 / sq ft for both the stone and installation – a real value considering the look achieved.

Norstone Ivory Stacked Stone Panels used on columsn and accent walls of large home in Ft. Myers Florida

When it comes to what really makes Stacked Stone Panel systems an excellent choice for exterior stone project, it’s hard to argue with the the fantastic looking results that our clients have achieved using Norstone stone panel products. Whether it’s an accent wall against a patio, a complete wrap around wainscoat of an entire home, or a few columns and accent areas on the facade of a home like the one above, our clients are using our stone to enhance their exteriors in a variety of ways.

Thanks for learning why stacked stone panel systems like the ones made by Norstone make excellent choices for exterior stone veneer projects. We have a gallery dedicated to exterior stone veneer projects on our website for inspiration, and encourage you to call and speak with one of our in house designers who will learn more about your project, make some recommendations about what Norstone products might be a good fit, and help you either purchase the product or find your local dealer or distributor. Feel free to share with us on our social media pages your own exterior stone veneer projects and remember Norstone for all of your exterior stone veneer needs.

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