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Stacked Stone Wainscoat on Florida Coastal Modern Home

Last summer we visited with an architecture firm working on a beautiful residential home in Southwest Florida and helped them select our Ivory XL Series Rock Panel for a wainscoat on the project. The material was ordered and delivered in the late Fall /early Winter and fast forward to Spring and we’re absolutely loving the first photos back from this project showing the stone installed and looking stunning. Even though this project is a ways from being finished, we couldn’t help ourselves from sharing this photo set with our readers – enjoy!

Norstone Ivory XLX Stacked Stone Veneer Panels Wainscoat application on Coastal Modern Styled Florida home

What stands out to us the most about this project is how perfect the pallete of the Ivory XL color fits the coastal modern style of this home. Light exterior colors dominate the coastal modern look, so the Ivory fits in perfectly while also warming up the color pallete with the yellow and gold tones as compared to an all white exterior. The yellow and gold tones of the Ivory really work nicely with the oil rubbed bronze railings and front door. A low slope metal roof gives the outside architecture of this project a modern vibe which the clean angular lines of the Ivory XL panels contribute to.

Outside Corner Detail of Norstone Ivory XLX Stacked Stone Veneer Panels Wainscoat application on Coastal Modern Styled Florida home

Coming in a little closer up to the wainscoat itself we see more of the detail that so important to a large scale installation like this. Our finger jointed outside corner units work nicely on the stone columns that transition into inside and outside corners all along the perimeter of this home. While it might be a little extra work for the installer to work their way around these inside and outside corners, these little architectural details on the exterior of a home really add to the overall presence and look of an exterior. Not knowing what grading is left to be done on this project, one thing we can say is that an exterior stone wainscoat should generally be held up around 6”, or whatever local building code dictates, off the finished grade, similar to what it looks like has been done around the front porch of this home. Much of this guidance is based on freeze/ thaw conditions that can create ground movement and cause issues with installations directly on or even below the finished grade. Landscaping will usually be added to make up for this gap between the finished grade and where the stone installation will start.

Stair Detail of Norstone Ivory XLX Stacked Stone Veneer Panels Wainscoat application on Coastal Modern Styled Florida home

Coming up even closer, the detail shown here of the steps leading up to the front porch shows some great craftsmanship by the installation team on this project. The Ivory XL stone veneer panels are set nice and tight along the street facing side of the steps and the outdoor tile is laid nicely on the trades, risers and landing with a bullnose finishing everything off in a really clean looking way. The grey of this outdoor tile might seem like a clash with the yellow and gold tones of the Ivory, but up close it looks like it comes together pretty nicely!

A question we get often is how to start a row of stone veneer panels if the stone is not going to rest directly onto something (finished floor, footer,mantle,etc). A wainscoat installation like this one is a great example of that problem. Most installers will use a simple header board,lie the 1x2 tacked onto the poured concrete steps in the photo above. This is easy to install and get level, and then once the tile sets up, simple to go back and remove.

Thanks for taking a look at this work in process Ivory XLX wainscoat project with us. Keep checking back here for a look at this project when it gets finished and contact us today to learn more about using stone for your next project.

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