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Top 5 Stone Veneer Installations in Restaurants

Stone Veneer has always been a great design choice for restaurant and other hospitality projects. The durability of stone definitely is an important consideration for a highly trafficked restaurant, not to mention the timeless appeal of well designed and installed stone veneer. With the COVID-19 pandemic settling in over the United States in early 2020, we wanted to put together a top 5 list of our favorite stone veneer installations in restaurants. With “social distancing” in full effect, we might not be able to see these in person for a while, so enjoy this list of great restaurant projects virtually!

Norstone Ochre Blend Stone Veneer Rock Panels on a column and feature wall at Susanna Foo's restaurant in Pennsylvania

Susanna Foo’s Gourmet Kitchen – Pennsylvania

We love this project because it as one of the first ever applications of Norstone in the United States. The Ochre Blend Standard Series Rock Panels are used on multiple walls throughout the interior of the restaurant and also clads a central column complete with a circular cut out and an Asian inspired two way gong. This project was installed before we developed our outside corner units, so the cuts on that column are all expertly done miter cuts that look fantastic.

Norstone Ivory Rock Panels on large wall at a restaurant in Abu Dhabi

HDI – Abu Dhabi

The bar and lounge area of this restaurant in Abu Dhabi showcases our Ivory Standard Series Rock Panels over a large wall. The color pallete is what we think is the star of the show with this project. The neutral tones of the floor tile and wall columns and beams let the warm cream to gold tones of the ivory complement each other quite nicely. The green plants give this space nice pops of contrasting color.

Norstone Lynia Interlocking Tiles in Grey Basalt surrounding the entrance to a Chipotle in South Florida

Chipotle – South Florida

A long time lunch favorite of the Norstone team, this Chipotle fast casual restaurant in South Florida leveled up their exterior veneer opting for our Lynia Interlocking Tiles in the Basalt Grey color in lieu of a more normal stucco or cmu split face exterior. The clean lines and grey color tones of this product fit right along with the normal Chipotle industrial style interiors.

Norstone Ochre Blend Stone Veneer Rock Panels at a high end steak house in Florida

Farradays Steak House – South Florida

Another South Florida favorite comes up on our list, this one being the Farraday’s Steak House at the Isle of Capri Casino in Pompano Beach. As with most casino based restaurants, you have to walk past the slot machines and gaming tables to find this place, but those that do are rewarded with a beautiful dining experience, both visually and gastronomically. Our Ochre Blend Rock Panels are used behind the bar and extensively throughout the main dining areas. We especially love the curved wall in this photo as it shows that our stone veneer panels can be used on radius walls and allows for some really intimate tables to be built right into the wall, serving to break up a large space and help control noise across the restaurant.

Norstone Planc large format tile in Platinum Lavastone surrounding a bench seat at a restaurant in Sarasota, FL

Libby’s – Sarasota

Tops on our list is Libby’s restaurant in Sarasota, FL, which opened in 2019 and used our Planc large format tile product in the Platinum Lavastone product across a number of different wall sections. The photo above is our favorite area showing the beautiful stone surrounding a cozy set of tables in their outdoor dining area. The smooth texture of this product and the beautiful natural veining fit right in with the design scheme featuring clean minimalistic modern lines and muted color tones.

We hope you enjoyed this top 5 list of our favorite stone veneer installations at restaurants. Stone veneer is an incredibly versatile product, coming in a range of colors and finishes to match design requirements for just about any project. To learn more about using Norstone natural stone products in your next commercial project, contact us today and ask for our commercial team to get started.

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