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Norstone's Top 5 Commercial Stone Veneer Projects

Norstone has always focused on having a strong presence in the Architecture and Design community, and most importantly, having products that architects and designers want to use on their projects. That focus has resulted in our stone veneer products having been used on some amazing commercial projects over the years. Here’s a list of our top 5 favorite commercial stone veneer projects for you to enjoy!

#5) South Florida Chipotle

Norstone Grey Basalt Lynia Interlocking Tiles on the upper facade of a Chipotle restaurant in South Florida

Norstone Grey Basalt Lynia IL Tile is the star of the show on the upper facade of this Chipotle fast casual restaurant in South Florida. While not a national spec for the Chipotle brand, our product was swapped in on this project due to developer requirements about the type of and quality of exterior veneer finishes required on the project. The linear mosaic look of this product fits perfectly with the industrial glass and steel beam facade. Chipotle is a favorite spot among the Norstone crew, especially when out on the road visiting clients, and we wished all of them looked this good!

#4) Matrix Hotel Edmonton

Norstone White Rock Panels on a multi story fireplace in the lobby of a boutique hotel in Canada

Projects like this stunning multi story fireplace in the boutique Matrix Hotel in Edmonton is exactly the reason why Norstone White Rock Panels stand head and shoulders above other white colored stacked stone panels on the market. The incredible texture this product creates and the absolute clean and pure white color of this product just cannot be matched. The huge windows and open feel of this lobby set the stage for the modern design theme throughout this hotel.

#3) Libby’s Restaurant Sarasota

Norstone Platinum Lavastone Planc Large Format Tiles in the seating area of a casual restaurant in Florida

Libby’s isn’t the biggest restaurant, but they have some absolutely stunning spaces like this cozy seating banquette that is clad all around in Norstone’s Platinum Planc Large Format Tiles. The stone itself is lavastone, which is what gives it the beautiful veins and markings that are so unique and distinct to natural stone. For many years now, grey has been a favored “neutral” color, just a little bolder than white or tan, but still opening spaces up and allowing for accent colors to pop against it like the strategically placed teal chair in this space.

#2) Revel Casino Atlantic City

Norstone Charcoal Rock Panels used along the curved promenade wall along the boardwalk at a casino in Atlantic City

One of our largest projects ever, Charcoal Rock Panels were used on the promenade wall along the boardwalk at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City. We love the gentle curves of this well, prooving that stone panel systems can be installed on large radius walls, and also the intermittent cut outs that have ambient lighting at night. This project was a little snake bitten from the start, undergoing multiple bankruptcies and ownership changes during a prolonged construction period during the great recession of the last decade and then getting pummeled in 2012 during Super Storm Sandy. Like most of New Jersey, this stacked stone wall has a fighting spirit and continues to look great.

#1) Farraday’s Steakhouse Pompano Beach

Norstone Ochre Rock Panels used extensively through the main dining area of Farraday's steakhouse in Pompano Beach

Tucked away on the second floor of a sprawling casino in South Florida, Farraday’s Steakhouse is an absolutely stunning high end restaurant with décor to match it’s amazing food. Thousands of square feet of our Ochre Stacked Stone Rock Panels can be found all over the restaurant including behind the bar and in most of the seating areas and walls of the main dining room. The orange / red color scheme of the décor brings out the browns of the Ochre Blend stacked stone and looks amazing both on the screen and in person.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick countdown of our top 5 commercial stone veneer projects. Seek Norstone out if you are an architect, designer, or developer to learn more about how any of our architectural grade stone veneer products might be a great fit for your next commercial project.

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