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Stunning Two Story White Stacked Stone Fireplace

Open concept floor plans with massive two story great rooms are one of our favorite residential designs. The openness of the space can certainly be a challenge, but also an opportunity that you don’t often get in residential interior design to make a really big splash. In this week’s project profile we’re diving into this amazing two story fireplace that used our White Standard Series Rock Panels as the floor to ceiling veneer selection.

Norstone White Rock Panels used on a two story residential fireplace as seen from an upper stairway looking down

The first thing about this project that needs to be understood and appreciated is the scale. This photo, taken from an upper hallway down into the room shows what kind of heights this stacked stone fireplace reaches. The fireplace insert and the flanking cabinets look tiny from way up here and we’re even staring down at the fan. While greatly increasing the complexity of the project, we do think an installation looks better when it goes all the way up to the ceiling. In the instance of crown molding like we see on this project, miter cutting the molding to a short return against the wall right against the stone would have looked great.

Some practical considerations for installing stone veneer in a tall application like this are that scaffolding would have needed to be erected in the room during the install, and when working on scaffolding, the installation becomes either a two or three man project. To keep the thinset for the stone veneer within its workable “pot life”, normally the tile setter stays on the scaffolding and has help from one or more helpers to make the appropriate cuts, haul up new boxes of panels to be set, and mix up new batches of thinset when needed. The weight of the stone is also an important consideration, which is what makes a thin stone veneer product ideal for a tall installation like this. Traditional full bed masonry veneer stone, generally 4”+ in thickness, would require significant increases in the engineering of the wall to support the weight. Thin stone veneers, especially those that weigh less than 15 lbs per sq ft and can be installed using adhesives, are a great alternative traditional masonry in applications like this.

Norstone White Rock Panels used on a two story residential fireplace featuring a long linear fireplace and built in cabinets

Coming down to ground level, the details of the fireplace start to come together. We’re big fans of the black fireplace insert, not just because the color as it creates a great contrast with the white stacked stone, but also the long linear design of the insert which complements the width of the fireplace feature itself and also the horizontal design of the rock panels themselves. Wiring has been run for a yet to be installed television over the stacked stone, and the built in cabinets give the space a well thought out look that is also very practical in a room like this.

Norstone White Rock Panels used on a two story residential fireplace with a well designed living room with neutral color pallete with light blue accents

In this pulled back view of the fireplace, what really catches our eye is the exceptional job the homeowners did with the color pallete of the space. Starting with the white stacked stone panels as the centerpiece, the walls and couches all flow nicely into a very neutral range of whites and creams. These neutral base tones let the accent colors of the chair, rug, pillows and throw really stand out. And lastly, the sofa table and lamp, perhaps hidden in plain sight, add a slightly darker neutral tone to the space which creates layers and depth that all work together very nicely in the finished product.

Bravo to the homeowners for taking on a bold challenge like a floor to ceiling fireplace. Our Rock Panel product is a great choice for a project like this since it’s light weight, easy to use, and can be installed over a variety of different common substrates used for fireplaces. Whether you have a short, tall, or no fireplace at all – Norstone Rock Panels and Stone Veneer products are worth considering for your next wall covering project.

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