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Two Toned Modern Fireplace in Ft. Collins, CO

Mixing and matching colors is something any good designer can hang their hat on. Coordinating a counter top to cabinet color, or flooring to an accent wall is an everyday thing. But it’s not everyday you see a designer, like the team over at Springhaus Designs in Ft. Collins, CO, mix two colors and two materials on one fireplace – which they did on this recently completed front range home. Using our Basalt Grey Aksent 3D Panel for the sides and corners, meeting up with a vertical band of lighter colored natural stone tiles, this fireplace oozes a modern feel with the smooth finishes, geometric 3D look, and color pallete.

Mixed Stone Panel Fireplace in Northern Colorado

One of the best parts about this fireplace is how well the interlocking finger joint corners work on the Basalt 3D Series. With its prominent height and being flanked by usable shelving, cabinetry and a media center, the corners in this application are quite visible and therefore it was very important to have a product that creates a seamless look around the outside corner. The installation team has done a fantastic job, especially on the sides of the fireplace where the stone has been cut and fit precisely against the cabinets and floating shelves. The short and wide fireplace unit straddles the two different types of natural stone and fits in perfectly with the long linear look that the 3D stone panels create. A reclaimed wood mantle and unique mantle adornment break up the height of this room and provide a splash of rustic to this modern stone fireplace that works out perfectly.

Basalt Stone Panle Fireplace with Rocky Mountain Background

While a modern stone fireplace is often the focal point of most rooms, this open and airy space shares a picturesque view of the Rocky Mountains north of Denver from the abundant double stacked windows that is hard to take your eyes off. The rest of the space is put together quite nicely with some jaw dropping light fixtures and an overall color theme with a neutral base that comes together with various shades of grey and gold accents. Not to be missed among everything else is the mix of materials and the amazing curve on the kitchen island, which just like the stone fireplace is something you don’t see in many designs, but has been executed flawlessly here.

Bravo and thank you to the team at Springhaus Designs for not only using our stone veneer products, but for always finding new and amazing ways to incorporate stone and other unique materials into their work and for sharing this amazing project with us and our followers.

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