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What Makes Norstone Different - A LOT!

What Makes Norstone Different - A LOT! The Norstone team has spent their career in the stone industry, learning what makes some products good and some products well, not so good.  Our unique set up of owning our quarry supply lines, manufacturing facility in Southeast Asia, and distribution across the world are just some of the reasons why Norstone is the superior stacked stone product in the market.  Let’s take a look at some specific reasons about what makes Norstone not just any ordinary stone veneer.

Durability - Most of the time, other rock panels on the market are mass produced in China or Indonesia. You should note that resellers and other brands from China etc use glue, instead of a 2 part epoxy like Norstone, to adhere their stones to save on cost, therefore sacrificing quality control. This typically leads to more breakage, even when cutting the panels during installation. Furthermore, over time, the bond from glue can deteriorate and cause stones to come loose from the panel and possibly fall off the application. I’ve seen this happen all around town. From feature walls in restaurants to columns in my neighborhood, rocks will fall off the application due to the glue breaking down. The 2-part epoxy prevents this for happening by creating a very strong bond that will hold up over time. If you throw one of our panels on the ground, the stone will break before the seam does.

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Seams - Also, it is very important for manufacturers to use highly calibrated machinery to cut the panels precisely or you will have poorly cut edges. Due to mass production in these Chinese facilities, without proper calibration or timely blade changes, this often occurs with their product. This may not be noticeable at a glance, but you will end up with unwanted, highly visible seams This is hard to tell from individual pieces you might see in a showroom so the best way to make sure this will not happen is to see as many pictures as possible of completed projects.

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Coloring - Finally, as a result of mass production, the color sample you see in the showroom may not match the color you receive for your order. There are no guarantees that the full order will match or have come from the same batch, therefore leading to inconsistent coloring on the overall results. Also, with light colors like White Quartz, substantial variations are common. This means that it is very common to see tan, pink and even grey pieces within the white. With our stone, we make sure that your order all comes from the same batch of quarries so your colors will be consistent. This is how we store them in the warehouse so there is no mistake. Also, while our product is natural stone and there can be some variations, I would not say there is not a substantial amount. I would say the variations are very low and if any.

We address all of the issues mentioned above to insure that our product stands up over time without any maintenance required. Our panels are designed for easy installation and calibrated to fit together effortlessly to create a seamless, beautiful application with constant coloring throughout. This is an investment and we ultimately want you to be happy with your final outcome.

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