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Vertically Installed White Lynia Tile to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

Powder bathrooms almost always pose a design challenge because of the relative small size of most of these spaces. This particular space had a number of outside challenges as well – no natural light and 12 foot ceilings with the only light fixture being just above head height on the mirror chief among them. The homeowners were looking to do something to break up the incredibly tall wall behind the toilet and lighten up the space in the process.

The Lynia Interlocking Tile in White Marble was used in this application to meet those two primary design goals. The interlocking nature of the product makes it very appealing for a wall in need of some visual interest and the white color of the marble used in this particular color gives a nice contrast against the base grey tones of the wall and also helps brighten up this natural light deprived space.

Norstone White Marble Lynia Tile Installed on a feature wall behind the toilet in a powder bath

The homeowners decided to install the tile units with a vertical orientation for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Normally the Lynia Interlocking tile would be installed such that the 12” lengths of the individual tile strips are run horizontally along the wall. In this particular application the tile unit is turned 90 degrees and the 12” lengths run vertically up and down the wall. From a practical standpoint the homeowner told us that by installing the tile with a vertical orientation there were almost no cuts at all in this installation, except for the starting row against the floor tile and the top row against the ceiling. The feature wall here is almost three Lynia Interlocking Tile units wide, so all the homeowner had to do is use a utility knife to cut two strips off of one unit for each row of tile installed. Pattern selection can impact the complexity of a tile installation, and should always be considered before ordering.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the vertical orientation of these tile units also helps accentuate one of the more interesting elements of the space, which is the twelve foot ceilings. A powder room with twelve ceilings is definitely something you don’t see every day to begin with, and having so much wall space in a relatively confined area of a powder room gave the space a closed off feel. The light grey color of the walls certainly didn’t help with creating more of an open feel. By bringing in the White Marble Lynia Tile a good chunk of that vertical wall space became a much brighter color and helped open the space up color wise. The vertical orientation of the interlocking stone tiles creates movement up the wall, taking advantage of the height of the space. Combining a lighter color and the pattern that draws the eye up the wall helps make this small space look bigger.

Norstone White Marble Lynia Tile Installed as a feature wall in a powder bathroom with high ceilings

The homeowner was incredibly happy with how this turned out and relayed that as a moderately skilled DIYer, this project was well within the range of his skill set. He spent about an hour the first day installing cement board over the existing drywall, and then installed the tile the next day with no help with about 4 hours worth of the work. He came back the next weekend and grouted which took about another two hours once everything was cleaned up. As with most DIY Homeowner projects, there are plans to paint the walls a lighter color and install a new mirror and lighting fixture, as time permits.

Norstone White Marble Lynia close up showing product installed in a vertical orientation

Thanks for taking a quick look at this unique project with us. Being one of our newer products, it’s great to see photos of the White Marble Lynia Interlocking tile come back. This is a beautiful stone, with a great color that is applicable for many design schemes in a format that will have people admiring the wall for years to come. To learn more about this product and any of our other natural stone veneer panels and interlocking tiles please contact our friendly customer service team and they’ll be happy to get you started.

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