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Basalt Tile for a Multi Family Outdoor Living Space in Washington, D.C.

Stone, whether it be in panels or tiles, has always been a favorite material for designers working on multifamily projects. The obvious durability of the product makes sure the design stays looking crisp over time, which is especially important in multi family projects which tend to get a lot more usage than residential projects but might not have the same level of maintenance and upkeep budgeted as a commercial project. We got the opportunity to work with the design team on this large multifamily projects located on the site of the former train depot between Alexandria and Arlington, VA. Looking to target young professionals in the Metro D.C. Area, the design team was evoked a modern style and assembled amenities that would matter to the target audience. Our Ash Grey Basalt Interlocking Tiles were selected and installed in various places throughout the shared outdoor living space. Let's take a look at how the product was expertly used throughout these spaces and features.

Probably the biggest eye catcher in this whole project is the low slung linear firepit which uses the stone on all four sides and a matching bluestone cap on top. Flanked by comfortable Adirondack style chairs, the clean lines and smooth texture of the basalt tiles complement the modern look of this gas firepit.

Grey Basalt Interlocking Tile - Landbay J - Washington DC - Firepit

Just on the opposite side of the firepit is a cool multilevel water feature. These two spaces are tied together by the use of similar materials, but provide that dynamic contrast, that good design often seeks, between the water and fire. Equally adept in water, the grey color of the interlocking basalt tile darkens up when wet giving us some movement in color to reflect on.

Grey Basalt Interlocking Tile - Landbay J - Washington DC - Outdoor Kitchen

The next most prominent feature in this space is the large communal outdoor kitchen and grilling station. With a commercial level grill and prep sink, this truly is an outdoor kitchen, and not a bring your own charcoal type of grill setup you’ll find in other places. The color of the solid surface countertop blends nicely with the grey tones of the basalt stone, which also contrast nicely with the prominent stainless steel grill and fixtures.

Grey Basalt Interlocking Tile - Landbay J - Washington DC - Outdoor Living

Prominent throughout the entire space is well selected outdoor furniture that adds to the design from both a style and color standpoint. Stylistically, the modern bulky yet clean lined look of the furniture works well within the rest of the design, and the selected red upholstery featured throughout add an important element of color pop. The red accents stand out against the grey of the basalt interlocking tile just enough to be bold but definitely not brash.

Grey Basalt Interlocking Tile - Landbay J - Washington DC - Planter

One last contrast we appreciate in this project is the use of the basalt interlocking tile on planter boxes throughout the space. The one featured here, where the stone of the planter box goes right down into another planting bed is a great example of marrying up two contrasting design elements – the hardness and monotone color of the stone tile with the softness and earth tones of the plantings.

The Basalt Interlocking Tile product has proven to be a very versatile material choice in the hands of adept designers. Creating great contrast, whether through color, shape or size, this mosaic tile product is an excellent choice for your next modern inspired project, indoors, outdoors, or anywhere in between.

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