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Grey Lynia Interlocking Tile Spa Inspired Miami Bathroom and Shower

One of the cool things about most of our natural stone projects is that they can be used for a variety of different types of applications, including interior, exterior, and even wet environments like pools and showers. Our Lynia Interlocking Tile is no exception – we’ve previously featured this amazing product on a killer pool installation and the exterior facade of a fast casual nationwide restaurant brand, and today we find it again on a luxurious master bathroom in Miami. Used as both an extensive backsplash going from the counter top to ceiling behind the double vanity as well as in an impressive walk in shower, this natural stone interlocking mosaic tile is an awesome choice to create a visual pattern and has a color pallete that really complements the space. Let’s have a quick look around this space and see how the product was expertly used.

Norstone Grey Basalt Lynia Interlocking Tile shown on a backsplash of a double vanity in a modern styled bathroom in Miami

The million dollar view of this bathroom is this shot of the double vanity where the Lynia Interlocking Tile is used as a backsplash. I call it a million dollar view because this is an absolutely massive bathroom to be able to capture a wide double vanity side to side and floor to ceiling all in one photo! Lighting is one thing that immediately notice about how the stone is used in this space. Sconces flank both mirrors with an additional three overhead lights really help brighten the room up. Good lighting makes natural stone walls look amazing, and this one is no exception. The overall design theme of this bathroom is decidedly modern, with the open shelf concept vanity space below the sinks to the vassal sinks themselves keeping with the theme. The modern style of the Lynia Interlocking tile, with its horizontal interlocking orientation and repeating rectangular strip format forms an excellent back drop and adds to both the modern style and color palette of the space.

While it might be under-appreciated by many, we also want to give a shout out on this project to the tile contractor, who did a phenomenal job installing the stone and working through all the cutouts for the faucet hardware, mirrors, and lighting on this wall. The Lynia Interlocking Tile is a relatively flat tile, which makes this a little easier, but with so many cut outs in such a small area, the install team did a nice job making everything look seamless!

Norstone Grey Basalt Lynia Interlocking Tile installed on the walls of a walk in shower with seven shower heads in a modern styled bathroom in Miami

A million dollar bath has to have a million dollar shower, and as you can see, this one doesn’t disappoint. The Lynia tiles are used as the main tile for the shower walls going floor to ceiling. We really like the color pallete here where the grey veining in the white marble half wall gets pulled out by the basalt grey Lynia tiles creating a true luxurious feeling all natural stone bathroom. The detail work again is expertly performed by the installation team, not only cutting around the 7 shower heads coming from the walls but also a beautifully built in cut out soap holder. A natural stone tile product like our Grey Basalt Lynia Interlocking Tile should definitely be sealed in this type of wet application to keep it looking pristine and not absorbing any of the dirt, soap,or hard water residue present in a shower.

Thanks for having a quick look around this posh Miami bathroom. If you’re working on your own bathroom renovation and considering a natural stone product for any of the wall surfaces please reach out to us to learn more about both our traditional stacked stone style products as well as our contemporary smooth faced natural stone products and let us help you find a natural stone tile that will take your bathroom to the next level!

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