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Mid Century Modern Charcoal Stacked Stone Fireplace Project

We get a chance to see a lot of stacked stone fireplace projects that our clients are working on and every so often one like this comes across our desks that we get really excited about. Even though this space will probably be magazine worthy once fully decorated and styled, we couldn’t help ourselves from writing about this cool Mid Century Modern stacked stone fireplace that used our Standard Series Charcoal Rock Panels. Here’s what we think makes this project so awesome.

Norstone Charcoal Stacked Stone Rock Panels on a Floor to Ceiling Fireplace in a mid centry Modern styled living room

From a design standpoint, the sleek, low slung features of the fireplace really exude that Mid Century Modern Vibe going on in this space. The cantilevered “floating” hearth that extends beyond the side of the fireplace into the wall column is a real tell tale feature of this brand of design. Coupled with a wide, but not very tall, fireplace insert and a hearth that is below eye level, the whole base set up of this fireplace keeps the focus on the ground, which in turns really allows the charcoal stacked stone to become prominent as it extends all the way up to the high ceilings.

It’s also very unique how the stone and the fireplace are actually inset into the wall. One of the reasons our stacked stone panel system products are so popular for fireplace projects is because our interlocking finger joint corner units are both super easy to easy and look amazing. While most fireplaces stick out from the wall, bringing those outside corners into play, this fireplace is actually inset, which means the entire installation could be accomplished with field units only. The yet to be installed television, will also be inset into the wood paneling on the wall to the viewer’s left, and will help draw a nice design parallel between these two focal points.

Norstone Charcoal Stacked Stone Rock Panels on Fireplace in a mid centry Modern styled living room

The overall color pallete and material selection of the space also hits on the Mid Century Modern design. The darkness of the charcoal stacked stone and the black metal trim of the fireplace itself contrast with the stark white walls. The cream tones of the floor tile transition nicely across the dark stained baseboards to the white of the walls nicely. A clear focus on natural products in the wood built ins and stacked stone fireplace, as well as shiny and smooth finishes like the mirror polished floor and large glass windows along the back wall are trademarks of this design style.

Speaking of material selection, the liberal use of the dark brown wood grain finish on all of the millwork details in the space is the defining Mid Century Modern characteristics in the eyes of the author. Before wood paneling caught a bad reputation from the less than desirable press board laminates of the 1960s and 1970s, there was the golden era of wood paneling and veneer in interior design, where actual wood was used by skilled carpenters to make beautiful wall and trim details like we see in this space. The dark brown stain also harkens back to the mid century color trends, before interior design skewed more towards lighter colors, especially in areas like baseboards and window and door trim.

This looks like the perfect space to sip a Tom Collins, enjoy the ambiance of a beautiful fire against the stacked stone wall, or maybe catch an episode of Mad Men while reclining in an Eames Lounge Chair. The Mid Century Modern style is full of unique, and in many people’s opinion, beautiful design elements. Thanks for taking a look at this cool stacked stone fireplace project with us today. Whatever you’re design, modern, rustic, or anywhere in between, Norstone has natural stone wall veneer products to suit. Learn more about natural stone products on our website and submit our contact form to learn more about our veneers.

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