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Jaw Dropping Views of More than Just Norstone in the Seychelle Islands

When we first heard about our stacked stone rock panels being used for a project in the Seychelle Islands the first thing we had to do was go and look up where that even was. It was then we first learned about this little known group of islands that sits off the Eastern Coast of Africa, north of Madagascar and a little over 900 miles off the coast of mainland Africa. In a part of the Indian Ocean that is perhaps most synonymous with modern day piracy, the Seychelle Islands have a unique beauty unto themselves and are a place that we wouldn’t mine being marooned at for a while.

One of the things that makes the Seychelle Islands incredibly unique, and in turn brought about the use of our Charcoal Stacked Stone Panel on this project, is that most of the islands in the Seychelles are actually made of granite. This is incredibly unique and unlike most other tropical islands which tend to either be based on coral, such as the Maldives, or basaltic lava stone like Hawaii and Fiji. Turns out the Seychelles were actually part of an ancient super continent and have been separated from the rest of the continents for about 75 million years! However it’s explained, we find it pretty remarkable that you’ll find similar granite formations in this tropical paradise as you will in the rolling hills of Wisconsin or the famous domes of Yosemite.

Norstone Charcoal Rock Panels used on a resort in the Seychelle Islands in Africa with Granite Domes in the background

The design team on this project was incredibly focused on blending the architecture of the buildings into the granite outcroppings, and were especially keen on using a color palette that blended with the granite formations. Our Charcoal Rock Panel product was chosen for its dark gray tones that blend in so nicely with the granite domes that rise above the tropical fauna and are magnificent in their own right. The darker color scheme of the stone also works incredibly well with the rich browns from the tropical hardwood beams and flooring throughout the project and is a nice accent against the lush greenscape.

Stunning view of a Norstone Stacked Stone Feature Wall with a unique circular cut out in the Seychelle Islands

The picture and view we have a hard time taking our eyes off of is this incredible balcony. The Charcoal Rock Panels create great texture on the wall and the clean lines of our Standard Series Rock Panel works well in this modern inspired architecture, but the real award goes to the design team’s idea to put a circular cut out in this wall. The view through the cut out frames beautiful granite formations, a smaller island off in the distance, and ocean so blue that you think you’re dreaming. And even with absolutely breathtaking views in all directions, the uniqueness of this architectural feature undoubtedly draws everyone’s eye and frames the very essence of what makes this place special.

And while it doesn’t showcase any of our stacked stone panels, the view from this balcony is precisely what infinity edge pools were made for.

Infinity Edge Pool Under Construction with an incredible view in the Seychelle Islands Africa

Whether you’re day dreaming with us from the confines of your cubicle or on the way to install your next stone veneer project, thanks for taking a quick mind vacation with us to the coast of Africa and seeing what makes the Seychelle Islands so special, and how the design team did a magnificent job capturing all of those things in one view of a stacked stone feature wall. Even if you don’t have a view like this, or granite formations in your backyard, we’d love to talk with you about any of our ledge stone and smooth faced stone veneer panels and tiles. Call today or fill out our contact form for more information and to request a sample or quote.

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