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Summer's here! Jump into these Amazing Pools Designed with Stacked Stone

With Memorial Day happening earlier this week, the beginning of summer is officially here, and with the higher temperatures we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at using stacked stone products in swimming pools. Over the years our customers have designed a variety of pools using our stone on everything from raised beams to waterline tiles so let’s take a look at some of our favorites, learn our best practices, and look at some of the ways stacked stone panels can be used in pools.

Ochre Stacked Stone Sheer Waterfall Pool Feature

The most common way we see stacked stone used in pools is on a raised beam application. A raised beam is essentially a part of the pool shell that extends up and over the level of the deck, forming a focal point. Depending on the size of the pool and space that it fits in, the beam can be as short as a foot or two to well over head in height if the structure is to be used as a visual screen as well.

Ochre Stacked Stone Raised Beam Water Feature in Pool

Stacked stone is an excellent option for raised beams as it creates great contrast in terms of texture with the water and also brings the natural element of stone into the design. Often times the raised beam will feature multiple heights and frequently will be paired with a water feature such as a waterfall, water bowl, or scupper to enhance the design with free flowing water coming over, through, or in front of the stone.  We visited this project ourselves and the homeowners love the way this water feature turned out.

Ochre Stacked Stone Submerged Tile in Pool

One of the things that makes Norstone Rock Panels unique in the stacked stone veneer marketplace is that we primarily source quartz stone to be used in the manufacturing process. Quartz is a much harder stone than slate and sandstone that might be found in lower quality veneer panels which also means that the stacked stone can be used at or below the waterline for a fully or partially submerged application. In the pool features seen here, the design is really enhanced by the stone’s ability to drop right down into the water and serve as either a waterline or fully submerged stacked stone tile.

Charcoal Stacked Stone Infinity Edge Ledge Pool

Infinity edge pools are incredibly popular in trending swimming pool design, and stacked stone makes a great option for the spillway. The water can be designed to spill over a ledge and stay in front of the stone or be directed right onto the face of the stone to create more of a trickling effect that takes advantage of the textured surface the stacked stone creates.

Ochre Stacked Stone Infinity Edge Ledge Pool

An important thing to remember about using any type of natural stone and even some types of manmade tile in pools is that not all products are suitable for this environment. While they are meant primarily for relaxation, pools are a harsh environment for the products that comprise them. Being subject to constant moisture and chemicals, as well as varying seasons, really puts products to the test. Many of our stacked stone products and basalt tile products are ideal for your next stone inspired pool design, but be sure to check with a Norstone rep for any specifics that you should know prior to installation.

So if you’re considering stacked stone for your next pool project, contact us today and we’ll help you make a BIG SPLASH with stacked stone.

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