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Before and After – A Charcoal Stacked Stone Entryway Feature Wall

One of the things we always tell clients before starting any project is to take a “before” picture of what their space looks like so they can have a great visual reference point to compare against what the finished project yields. The author readily admits that sometimes even I forget to do this! In the excitement of starting a new project most of us are so focused on wanting to see actual results that its easy to dive right into tearing out a wall, or ripping up a floor and forget to take that “before” picture. We’re lucky that a client we recently worked with shared with us some awesome “before” and “after” pictures of their stacked stone entryway feature wall project where our Standard Series Charcoal Rock Panels were used that we’ll be diving into on this week’s project profile.

Entry Way Wall - Before Stacked Stone Installation

From a “before” standpoint, the thing we really notice about this space is that the wall this client ends up cladding in stone veneer is actually less of a traditional entryway wall – it’s almost a reverse entryway in that the stone isn’t really going to be something you see when walking through the door, but instead becomes a focal point of that space of the larger room that the entryway opens up to. Perhaps the most prominent feature of the “before” wall is the 90 degree outside corner that undoubtedly made selecting a product with a good corner solution a priority.

Stacked Stone Entryway feature wall project with Norstone Charcoal Rock Panels and a recessed shelf

Getting onto the good stuff, the “after” picture of the space reveals an amazing transformation focused around the stacked stone entryway feature wall. The two big things that catch our eye is the recessed shelf that was added along the short wall and the prominent outside corner that looks absolutely fantastic with our corner units.

The recessed shelf is a really great idea in this application because it would have been fairly easy to add during the construction process when the existing drywall was either torn out and replaced with cement board, or covered up with cement board. Built ins always up the level of sophistication of any home, so whether this ends up getting used to display a nice art piece or even just a convenient spot to drop your keys when walking in the door, this small add makes a big difference in the space.

At Norstone we really take our stacked stone corner units seriously. And while that level of sophistication might get lost on some people, or might not be applicable for certain projects, it’s a project like this that really allows our unique finger jointed corner design to shine through. This corner is not just an integral part of the installation, its at an extremely prominent part of this space. The corner is the natural focal point of the larger room this area expands out to and is something everyone will be looking at as they walk down the stairs or out the door. The interlocking stone fingers of each corner unit create the most seamless looking corner on the stone veneer market and ensure that no matter which angle you look at the corner you’ll always see the natural cleft face of the stone and never a saw cut or finished edge.

Stacked Stone Entryway Feature Wall using Norstone Charcoal Rock Panels with recessed overhead lighting

Last but not least, this next view of the stacked stone entryway feature wall shows off some awesome lighting that was added into the ceiling to face downward over the stone. Good lighting is important for a stacked stone installation and we’re glad this project took that into consideration. The other thing that really catches our eye from this angle is the nice color blend between the brown hardwood floors and the dark grey of the Charcoal Standard Series Rock Panel. This classic combination of not only brown and grey but also wood and stone ensures this project won’t ever look like a trend that has since passed.

Thanks for taking a quick “before” and “after” look at this project with us. If you have your own “before” and “after” photos of a Norstone project, please share them with us at and we’ll use them on a future article. And if you’re looking for help on your next stacked stone veneer project give us a call and our experts will help make your “before” the “after” you’re dreaming of!

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