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Top 5 Stone Entryways In Time for Halloween

Halloween is easily the one night each year we collectively knock on front doors and see our neighbors entryways more than at any other point. Whether you’re trick or treating yourself or along for the ride with the youngsters this Halloween, we hope you enjoy this list of our top 5 stone entryway projects as you get ready to knock on those doors.

Norstone Ivory Stacked Stone Rock Panels on Entryway of Residential Suburban Home in Florida

#5 - This contemporary home on the west coast of Florida looks like a great Halloween set up. The entryway on this house is clad in our Ivory Rock Panels, which also get used on various accents on the front of this home. Stone columns as well as stone walls leading right up to the door itself give this home a really sophisticated look. If the lights are on, we’re definitely knocking on this door for Halloween and hoping for a full size candy bar.

Norstone Slimline Ochre Rock Panels on modern residential entryway with double wooden doors and large glass wall

#4 – This beautiful entryway stands out because it looks amazing with a relatively simple design. The absolutely gorgeous twin wooden doors accent the brown, grey and rustic color range of the Ochre Slimline Rock Panels that are flanking the entryway on both sides and above. The glass and dark metal framework / trim gives the entryway a distinctly modern vibe. Trick or Treaters will easily be able to tell if someone is home, so if this is your house and you run out of candy, better turn the lights off and hide!

Norstone XL Series Ochre Rock Panel on entryway steps and retaining wall

#3 – We like this next entryway because its a lot more than just the front door. Starting at the sidewalk, this house invites people to walk up with a terraced set of steps flanked by stone veneer columns and a low retaining wall. The columns, retaining wall and step risers are all clad in our Ochre XL Series Rock Panels. These steps are perfect for Halloween night where the homeowners can sit outside and enjoy the evening, hand out candy, and maybe even some adult beverages for the parents, without everyone making the trek to front door.

Norstone Platinum Planc large format tile around front door and on entryway wall in modern styled home in California

#2 – This super modern home in California features our Platinum Planc large format tiles surrounding the door as well as cladding the wall that leads from the front of the house to the entryway. The area directly in front of the door might not be the biggest for lots of trick or treaters to congregate in, but the uniquely hinged solid wood door isn’t something you see every day. Fingers crossed this modern styled home offers up traditional trick or treats.

Norstone Ochre Stacked Stone Rock Panels on entryway and front facade of duplex in Colorado

#1 – The top entryway on our list of stone entryways for Halloween is this modern duplex in Colorado. When it comes to Halloween and trick or treating, it’s hard to beat the 2 for 1 candy grab of a duplex. This duplex certainly isn’t what most would consider traditional with large amounts of our Ochre Stacked Stone Rock Panels clad across the front facade along with large metal accents throughout. A quick knock on the first unit, and then a short walk across the xeriscaped yard nets the opportunistic trick or treater two candy grabs without even getting back on the sidewalk.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 5 stone entryways in time for Halloween 2019. The team at Norstone wishes you a Happy Halloween and a safe and fun night checking out entryways across your neighborhood. If these entryways inspired you to rethink how your front entrance looks, contact us to learn more about how our natural stone products can serve as a durable entryway material with classic style that will enhance your home’s value.

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