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Norstone's Top 5 Stone Fireplaces of 2017

It’s been a great year for the Norstone team and we hope it has been for you too. In honor of the Christmas season, where the fireplace plays a critical conduit in getting Santa and his presents into our homes, we took a look back at the stone fireplaces we featured on our blog this year, voted on them and present to you Norstone’s top 5 stone fireplaces of 2017!

Stone fireplace with two types of stone used in an ornate living room


Coming in at number five on list is this super unique two toned stone fireplace in Fort Collins, Colorado. We’ve seen a ton of stone fireplaces in our time and this is one of the few ones we’ve seen incorporate two different types of surfaces, both stone in this instance, and make it look good. The blocky geometric look of our Aksent 3D Panels in Ash Grey flanks a vertical stripe of lighter greyish creamy colored stone. The colors work well with the décor of this beautifully decorated space and the vertical nature of the stripe accentuates the already high ceiling in the room. Bravo to the team at Springhaus Interiors out of Fort Collins on this great job!

Norstone Aksent 3D Grey used on a fireplace with lots of detail including recessed tv, fireplace, and built in shelves


The number four fireplace on our list is another cool fireplace application of the Aksent 3D panels in Ash Grey, that just exudes detail. With stone going wall to wall in the application, the recessed linear gas fireplace is almost lost a midst a recessed flat screen tv and built in shelves with under-mount lighting. The one thing that really sets this project apart is actually the extensive use of our outside corner units which give a seamless look as the fireplace projects out from the wall and then turns back towards the recessed fireplace insert and tv.

Large stone tile fireplace in modern designed living room


Third on our list of the best stacked stone fireplaces is this cool Ebony Lynia IL Tile fireplace in Chicago. Even though this is a really big fireplace with stone going floor to ceiling and probably close to 8 feet wide, the smooth texture of the Lynia tiles doesn’t over power the space and compliments the long linear nature of the gas insert as well. The modern styled décor is perfectly matched to the dark ebony color of the stone and the smooth texture of the product.

Two way stacked stone fireplace that can be seen both inside and outside


While we certainly saw a surging trend towards stone with darker colors and smoother textures in 2017, we couldn’t help but admire this awesome stacked stone fireplace application in Austin, TX, which comes in at number two on our list. Although not meant to be the focal point of this dining room, this pass through fireplace going from the inside to an exterior seating area is a super cool feature that we just couldn’t pass up giving some love to.

Modern basalt stone tile fireplace with large tv and bright color accents in the space


And the top ranked stone fireplace of 2017, as voted on by the team here at Norstone, is this super cool Ebony Lynia IL Stone Tile fireplace in Philadelphia. The sheer size of the stone wall, the massive length of the fireplace, the cool cut outs, and funky accent color scheme all come together in this superb installation. The durability of the stone is both practical and durable for this application in the common area of student housing at a local university, and cool enough to impress both prospective students and their parents.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 5 stone fireplaces of 2017 and wish you and yours a tremendous holiday season and an awesome new year in 2018. And no matter how great it might look, remember to turn off those fireplaces on December 24th so our friend in the red suit can make his annual visit!

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