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Norstone Designer Series - Travertine Tiles

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Travertine tile french pattern You probably see Travertine everyday without knowing it. Along with concrete pavers and to a lesser extent slate tiles, it is a common option for all types of flooring, particularily exterior.  In addition to flooring, Travertine tiles can also be used for wall features, pool decks, walkways, steps, fireplaces, patios and even driveways. Travertine is Limestone that has been put under immense pressure for a long time. Travertine eventually morphs into Marble if that pressure continues to be applied. It is available in numerous grades, finishes & formats. While Travertine can be made into pavers, its most common format is tiles. Travertine tiles themselves come in a variety of cuts, patterns, shapes and sizes, ranging from 4” x 4”, 6” x 6”, 12” x 12” all the way up to 24” x 24”. The reason you see this material everywhere is because of it versatility. It is sure to fit any project.

Travertine tile bathroomTravertine tiles are one of the most frequently used materials in modern architecture. Since the color is neutral beige with some variation, it coordinates nicely with other basics and even plays well with fun pops of color. Travertine tiles can either be the star of the show or can fade into the background, allowing other aspects of the space to shine. Some of the knocks on Travertine are that it can scratch easily and can be susceptible to staining if not sealed properly, even via the mildest of acids like vinegar and orange juice. Polished and sealed Travertine can also be slippery when wet. However, most often any problem related to Travertine is often a result of the incorrect finish being used for the application. Always consult a flooring expert when selecting any type of tile to make sure the tile’s physical properties and attributes meet the demands of the space.

Travertine tile pool deckDue to their simplicity, Travertine tiles pair well with other natural materials. For example in the pictured application, Norstone’s natural stone rock panels in White are used as a waterline tile and spa surround in this mid century South Florida home. The light colored tumbled travertine used for the pool decking and coping is a popular choice for this type of application because of its texture and color pallet. At Norstone, we see travertine frequently paired with our White and Ivory Rock Panels, particularly when a customer is looking for a finishing piece, such as a cap for a landscape knee wall, or the flat hearth surface of a freshly renovated fireplace.

Overall, Travertine is a tried and true friend when it comes to decorating and remodeling. It is a safe, no fail option if you are overwhelmed with the choices and not sure what to choose. Travertine tiles provide a neutral pallet to build off of and design around. Or, if you apply the principle of multiplied simplicity and cover the walls and floors with it, such as in a bathroom, it can be overwhelmingly beautiful on its own.

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