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White Stacked Stone Fireplace Trends

When it comes to trends in fireplace design we’ve definitely been noticing an uptick in the use of of whites and other lighter colors over the more traditional earth tones and charcoal grey colors. A white stacked stone fireplace is indeed truly an eye catcher and easily becomes the focal point of any room and our real stone panel system, so let’s explore how to pull together a white stacked stone fireplace and look at one project a customer of ours did that turned out amazing.

Starting with the stone itself, our White Stacked Stone Rock Panels, available in both our Standard Series and XL Series, is a color that we’ve always hung our hat on since it’s a truly unique stone in the market. Most white stacked stone panels you’ll find on the market either have a ton of sparkles or have a semi transparent top layer that tends to look a little dull and grey and doesn’t give the product a nice white color pop. Owing to our exclusive stone sourcing supply chain, we’ve been sourcing and building our White Rock Panels from the same set of quarries for well over a decade and create a beautiful product that has just the right amount of understated sparkle to catch your attention without going overboard and, most importantly, a beautiful pure white color that might make you mistake this natural stone for a man made product. This white quartz stone tile is truly one of the cleanest and best looking products on the market.

This summer we have worked with so many customers that are seeking out the White product, so much so that all of our White Rock Panels were already sold and ready to ship out before one of our resupply containers arrived in Mid August. White is a classic color in design that is never really going to go out of style, but no doubt is seeing a resurgence as architects, designers, and homeowners alike all seek out a neutral color to replace the beige tones of the early 2000s and the grey explosion of the last 5 years or so. With a great texture and clean lines geometric lines, the white rock panels are a perfect canvas to work color pops off of using other finishes, furniture, and accessories. One of the other really cool things about a white stone wall application is the ability to tweak the color shade using lighting. A white quartz stacked stone wall with lots of texture can be warmed up considerably using incandescent or low K rated LED. That same wall will look very white under flourescent lights and then can even take on an icy look with blue undertones to it from an LED light with a higher K rating. This adaptability is yet another reason why white is such a great color to design with and around.

This week’s featured project is a fireplace in the main common area of a transitional styled home. There’s a ton of great stuff going on with this fireplace so let’s have a look at what makes this job special.

White Stacked Stone Fireplace with large tv and long linear fireplace flanked by built in cabinetry and floating shelves

The color pallete of the space what really jumps out at us first. The pure white tone of the cabinets, floating shelves, and trim work stand out against the grey tones of the walls and floors. The stone needed to be just as white to not detract from the contrast already being created between white and grey, which is where our White Quartz Rock Panels come in. A lot of white stone on the market can end up having a significant amount of grey “marbling” too it. The homeowner made a wise choice to go with our white stacked stone panel to get that nice bright natural stone white that is hard to find on the market. Most of our products do not need a natural stone sealer for an interior application like this one, which is especially pertinent with this white stacked stone fireplace as sealing the white stone can dull out the natural sparkle this stone has which looks exceptional in interior applications like this one.

The linear design is something you might not notice right away, but definitely speaks to your eyes. Each of the White Rock Panels have stones that are 1.5 inches tall and will vary in length between about 4 and 8 inches. When used in the typical horizontal orientation this creates a very linear look to the fireplace, which is accented in a number of ways through the rest of this space. The long skinny fireplace, the floating shelves, and the low slung modern style furniture pairs with the stone and its long horizontal style. Even the fan, with its sharp angular blades, keeps those angles nice, tight, and devoid of any curves.

White Stacked Stone Fireplace in a modern styled living room with grey and white color tones and teal accents

This pulled back view of the space further shows the modern design scheme and color pallete as it spills out from the fireplace. The color combination of the blues / teals to go along with the white and grey base tones of this space is an underrated and underused look which gives a nice contrast but still has a pretty mellow vibe. Also very prominent in this view is the use of our outside corner panel product to turn the stone around from the face of the fireplace and back the small return to the wall. Almost every stacked stone fireplace is going to have some form of an outside corner and the Norstone proprietary finger jointed outside corner panel is the industry leading system creating a corner that seamlessly transitions from one side to the other.

If you’re looking at stone for a project, whether its a fireplace, feature wall, backsplash, or pool, don’t think of white as plain or boring. White is the perfect classic color that will give you long term style and the ability to change things around it while still looking new with every refresh. And maybe even more importantly, we urge you to think of natural stone when it comes time to upgrade your walls with a white color scheme. The beauty and depth of a white quartz natural stone veneer product like we’ve looked at today can simply not be matched by any faux stone panel product, and most of the time the premium for a natural stone product vs manufactured stone is minimal on a per square basis. Whether its a fireplace, accent wall, or back splash, you’ll thank yourself in 10 years when you still have a beautiful natural product on your wall that has stood the test of time versus something man made that is ready to be replaced.

Thanks for having a look at our White Rock Panels in this week’s featured project. Learn more about all of our natural stone wall veneer products on our website. Summer of 2019 might be coming to a close, but rest assured a great looking White Stacked Stone project will look amazing for years and years to come.

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