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A Bright Grey that Really Shines

XL Sierra

A Bright Grey that Really Shines

PRODUCT DETAILS BELOW. Flipping the everyday grey color trend on its head, Sierra brings an exciting and bright silver grey with just the right amount of gold accents to make it a perfect choice for softer color palletes. Request Samples today!

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Norstone XL Rock Panel Sierra

Grey, Blue & Gold - So Much More Than Another Grey Stone

Grey is today's neutral color, and Sierra is an exciting blend of silver greys with just enough light colored earth tones to be both impartial on the color front, but still look incredibly exciting up on a wall. With lots of texture and an umistakeable shine similar to our Aztec and Pearl colors, Sierra is just the thing for today's modern inspired design schemes.

Sierra XL Rock Panels are available in:

Field Unit

Sierra Stone Panel

Corner Unit

Sierra Stone Panel Corner

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