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How to Pick the Perfect Flooring to Complement a Stacked Stone Wall

Flooring is a detail not be overlooked when working on a stacked stone wall project. The right flooring can complement the wall from a color standpoint, either as matching or contrasting in shade, as well as in pattern and texture. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite stone veneer projects and how the right flooring was used to enhance the overall look of the space.

White Stacked Stone Modern Fireplace with ventless insert

This first project is a study in the classic contrast of black on white, two colors that pair well together in both a formal and modern way. This particular space shows off the great texture and consistent color of our White Rock Panels, which is contrasted beautifully with the stagger set large format black tiles. A detail that is easily overlooked is the short “tile kick” that is used as a trim piece on the bottom couple inches of the wall, which helps transition the texture of the wall down to the smoothness of the floor.

White Stacked Stone Modern Fireplace in Hotel Lobby Alberta Canada

This next project also features another stunning White Rock Panel fireplace with dark flooring, but what we love the most about this space is the random patterned carpet that creates a wonderful contrast with the starkness of the multi story white fireplace. A carpet with this type of design just won’t work with a patterned wall, resulting in a very “busy look”, but is the perfect complement to the modern glass and white stone backdrop of this hotel lobby in Alberta, Canada.

Basalt Grey Stone Veneer Panel on Corner Fireplace in bank lobby

Carpet sometimes gets a bad rap from homeowners because it can lack the overall durability of a hard surface like wood, stone, or tile, but the design community certainly embraces carpet for its ability to create a complex pattern or look that can’t be replicated on a hard surface. This next project is a great example of that idea, with the carpet capturing the overall “beige” color pallete of the space while featuring a complex cross hatch pattern that meshes nicely with the clean line geometry and smooth face of the Grey Basalt 3D Panels on this unique corner fireplace in the upper lobby of a bank in Washington state.

Ochre Stacked Stone Dividing Wall in Architecture Firm office Denver

White and grey stone is easy to contrast, but the multi color blend of our Ochre Rock Panels can pose more a design challenge in terms of selecting the right flooring color. This architect’s office in Denver, CO selected a deep brown carpet which really pulls out the “earth” tones of the Ochre color and is a nice backdrop for the lighter rust and rose colored accents that are part of the blend. The unique carpet border around this partial wall which separates two spaces in the firm’s lobby also helps to create that division through the use of contrasting color with the lighter carpet abutting it.

Luxury Modern Master bathroom with marble floors and honed grey stone veneer wall in Dallas

More subtle contrast can be found in this next project, both in terms of color and material selection. The darkest parts of the polished white / grey marble floor are basically the same color as the Grey Basalt 3D accent wall in this exquisite natural stone master bath in Dallas, TX. The use of natural material in this space, from the marble on the floors, basalt on the walls, and even the unique floating wood tub surround all complement each other without the need to contrast against a man-made or synthetic material.

City Backyard in San Francisco featuring artificial turf and a grey interlocking tile feature wall

Our last featured space reminds us to think outside the box when it comes to your flooring options. It would have been so easy to use any sort of grey cement or stone paver or similar hardscape product in this unique San Francisco “city backyard”, but the use of artificial turf makes this space far more inviting and memorable. The lush green color considerably brightens up the area and gives it an outside feel, and the plush texture is a nice foil to the smooth honed finish of the Grey Basalt Interlocking Mosaic Tile.

Thanks for taking a look at some of our favorite projects and how flooring can really add to the overall look of a space where stacked stone veneer has been used. We’d love to see photos of the flooring our readers used with their projects, or if you’re considering what kind of flooring to use on your next stacked stone project, let our design team guide your way and reach out to us today.

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