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Using Large Format Tile in a Small Kitchen Backsplash

When most people think of large format tile the first thing that comes to mind is flooring. In fact, throughout the 1980s, 90s, and early 2000s one of the biggest changes in the tile industry was tile sizes getting larger and larger. 12X12s gave way to 18x18s, 24x24s, 36x36s and so on. Innovative companies are keeping the quest for bigger being better alive and well with precision manufactured porcelain products that can be sized up to 1 meter x 3 meters while only being a few millimeters thick, creating a covering that is tile but behaves almost like a skin.

Photo showing increasing sizes in tile throughout the years

The tile industry has now embraced shape and patterns as equal cornerstones of good design and we’re seeing rectangles and planks as well as patterns that range from traditional herringbone and parquets to intricate multi size and shape tile patterns.

Something we’re very proud of is our recently released PLANC large format wall tile collection. As floor tile was getting bigger, wall tile was staying relatively small, with mosaics dominating the design trends on areas like kitchen backsplashes. We set out to prove that large format tiles have a place in any wall tile project, and this cozy corner kitchen backsplash is a perfect example of how a large format tile can work nicely in a small space.

Norstone Planc tiles in platinum on a dodern kitchen with white countertops, white cabinets, and a small island

From a scaling standpoint, each of the Plancs on this backsplash are 31.5” long, and come in three heights (5.5”, 3.1”, and 2.4”). Like most current kitchen backsplashes, this one has about 18” of wall space between the top of the countertop and bottom of the upper cabinet, which a you can see in the head on photo of the sink, allows for about six courses of the Planc stone to be set. The courses in this installation were set in a random staggered pattern, creating a pattern that complements the different heights and creates a lot of visual interest in this small space.

Straight on look at Norstone PLANC tile used in a small kitchen backsplash showing the pattern and coursing of the tile

From a color standpoint, the grey color pallete of the Platinum is extremely appealing to modern design. This kitchen, with its white marble counter tops and white cabinets creates a great contrasting look with the neutral grey tones. But what makes this product really appealing is the amazing surface characteristics that make it unmistakable that this is a natural stone. The Lava Stone that this product is made from ranges from a smooth saw cut finish with tight graining to consistently honeycombed appearance with lots of surface divots. What we actually love the most though is the occasional vein of honeycombing that shows up every now and then giving the product a natural stone look that just can’t be beat. An installer with a keen eye, like the team that worked on this project, can use these veins to their advantage by lining up the veins from one course to the next for a true handcrafted look.

Cozy Corner kitchen in Florida with great natural light accentuating the look of the Norstone PLANC large format tile used on the backsplash

One last thing we love about this project is the great use of natural light in the space. The open concept of the space brings in natural light from every angle, but especially the prominent window in the corner. Natural light brings out the best in everything in the space, color, texture, and scale wise, making sure the large Planc tiles on the backsplash don’t feel too dark and big for the space.

Thanks for taking a look at this cool project with us and seeing how a large format tile like Norstone PLANC can work in even the smallest of spaces. In addition to interiors, most colors in the PLANC collection can be used exterior and in water applications as well making this one of the most versatile natural stone products in our line up. Reach out to us today to learn more about how PLANC might be a good fit for your next project.

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