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Ochre Rock Panels for a Rustic Kitchen Backsplash

Rustic is probably one of the most confusing words in design terminology. To the uninitiated, rustic brings up the idea that something is old and worn down, still functional, but clearly lacking that brand new feeling. Most designers these days are throwing the term “rustic” around these days to describe a space that mainly chooses finishes and materials that are representative of finishes and materials of yesteryear, but in reality are all brand new, high quality stuff that’s just designed to capture the plain and sometimes partially unfinished feel of something “rustic”. Some designers have even gone so far to start calling it “modern rustic”.

This beautiful project in the woods of Wisconsin, not too far from Milwaukee, is a great example of the “modern rustic” look. This is a new build that has been meticulously designed and curated with materials and finishes that evoke the true look and sense of a old cabin, including our personal favorite, a knockout stacked stone backsplash.

Norstone Ochre Blend Rock Panels on a Rustic Kitchen Backsplash with a large butcher block island and a ceiling with exposed natural log beams

Our stacked stone rock panels in the Ochre Blend color have been installed on the backsplash of this rustic kitchen and do an amazing job of complementing the design scheme of the space. The color palette, and how well the Ochre color fits in with the rest of the materials, is one of the first things that sticks out the most to me on this project. The space is dominated by the medium brown tones of the cabinetry and the exposed natural log beams on the ceiling. The dark stone counter top and the drop dead gorgeous dark brown butcher block island give some dimension to the brown tones as well. The Ochre Blend color, which is generally made up of about 40% brown tones, 40% charcoal or gray tones, and about 20% accent colors, including the oranges, blues, greens, pinks,etc does a great job of fitting within the palette while still creating some noticeable contrast.

Norstone Ochre Blend Rock Panels on a Rustic Kitchen Backsplash featuring prominent exposed natural log beams on the ceiling

While using the trend of using a stacked stone backsplash on this rustic inspired kitchen is really cool, there’s no doubt in our minds that most people when entering this space for the first time are going to have their eyes immediately drawn upward by the amazing ceiling. The base ceiling is beautiful tongue and groove pine slats that form a nice backdrop for the real stars of the space, which are the exposed natural log beams. The natural log beams and the stacked stone on the backsplash form a unique texture bridge, being really the only finishes in the space which show the natural texture of the products they are made from – whether that’s the natural split face of the stone, or the knot holes, branch nodes, or any other imperfections shown in the beams. In the whole “rustic” design theme, this is incredibly important because it gives the space credibility and an inherent “naturalness” that’s a key component of the desired look.

Norstone Ochre Blend Rock Panels on a Rustic Kitchen Backsplash with a large butcher block island

These days, kitchen islands are a dime a dozen, so it’s not too often that one stands out like this one. In the above photo, our eyes are immediately drawn to the thickness of the butcher block style counter top, giving the space a very bold, and you guessed it, rustic look. Everything else in this space, whether it’s the ceiling, the cabinetry, or the rustic stacked stone backsplash gets put up against this island and helps complete the design theme. Specifically as it relates to the rustic backsplash, the larger format of the stacked stone panel on the backsplash, especially as compared to more standard backsplash tiles like sheet mosaics, proves to be a good choice for a kitchen design where the clients haven’t backed down anywhere from going full scale, whether that’s with the exposed natural log beams or the thick butcher block island.

Thanks for taking a tour of this awesome cabin with us and learning a little more about rustic and modern rustic design. Our stacked stone panels offer a rustic look with their split face or naturally cleft finish with a modern twist created by the geometry of the panel system. If a rustic kitchen backsplash or any rustic designed theme project is in your future and stacked stone might be a finish option worth considering, contact us today to learn more about our products, get a sample, and get your questions answered.

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