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Contemporary Texas Kitchen with Stone Veneer Fireplace

Austin, TX is a beautiful city with a rich culture of locally sourced stone used for building materials. Texas limestone is a beautiful stone that is primarily a very light cream color, but can occasionally dip into some of the darker yellow and gold tones as well, where it can start to sometimes resemble our Ivory Quartz Stone Veneer. Anyone that has gotten the opportunity to visit this city has certainly seen the stone, as it is used prominently on facade work throughout the area, and if you pay attention to stone veneer, you’ll likely have even seen some of this in your local area as its popularity has spread far and wide. The popularity of Texas limestone is one of the things that make this week’s project profile so compelling, since right in the heart of limestone country, this homeowner decided to flip the script and go with a bold black and white color scheme and an accent wall of our quartz stone veneer. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things which make this project so unique!

The first thing that sticks out to us in the space is the bold use of a black and white color scheme. Starting wit the floors and ceiling and then continuing on through the cabinets, counter tops and lighting fixtures, the design of this space knew what it was going for from a color standpoint and executed on it. While we really love the two tone color scheme of the kitchen island, especially the texture side of the cabinetry, the gorgeous stacked stone wall created using our charcoal rock panels stands out and introduces more of a texture element to the overall smooth aesthetic the other surfaces create.

Charcoal Stone Veneer Wall in Kitchen with a ventless gas fireplace and tree branch art

What makes the stone accent wall really special is the ventless gas fireplace. These units are relatively easy to install making them a good option for a smaller scale remodel where they can make a big impact visually, but not over complicate a project like a traditional vented fireplace requiring exhaust. Beyond the stunning visual impact of the long linear unit, what we really like about the fireplace is what it says about the space. A flat screen television could easily have been hung in the same space on this stone accent wall, but by choosing a stone veneer fireplace for this location the area encourages conversation or quite reflection, and provides a sense of calmness to the kitchen, which is often the central hub of a home before, during, and after meal times.

We really couldn’t get past talking about this wall without bringing up the unique tree branch art piece that gracefully sits atop the stone accent wall. What exactly is it? We’re not sure but its defiantly a unique pairing for a stone wall, and we love the conversation starter aspect of it, the unique texture and natural feel that it brings the space. Kudos to the installer for keeping us, and everyone else, guessing as to how it stays in place!

Window seat nook at the end of a long kitchen with a stone veneer accent wall in Austin, TX

Functional spaces and attention to detail are the hallmarks of good design, and this tiny space in the corner on the short end of a long kitchen is very well done. Continuing the stone veneer accent wall over the hallway and into this little bench seat area creates continuity with the rest of the space, and the attention to detail as shown through the adjustable reading lamp and light switch add little bits of character to the stone accent wall and help break it up in much the same way the fireplace does.

Bold black and white design with varied textures and lots of things to look at is certain to make this Texas kitchen project standout, and while a big stone wall doesn’t work for every kitchen, it certainly does for this space. If you’re considering stone for your next kitchen project, talk to us today about how Norstone natural stone veneer and tile products can easily transform your space into something you love!

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